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FN Armor Recast Situation

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Greetings Troopers, Trooper gonna-bes, and Trooper fans.


Many of you are aware of the fact that Kevin Brice of KB Props made accusations that FN Armor's FO TK kit was a recast of his own KB Props kit.  


This situation sparked some very heated conversations here at the FISD, and that resulted in many separate individual threads being locked and closed for comment.


I have maintained from the beginning that I appreciate Kevin's work, his concern over the apparent recasting of his armor, and his passion in defending his work and speaking out about it - even if I asked him to scale down the passion from time to time.


Many of you are also aware that Peter of FN Armor offered to send some of his kits out for comparison and review by Legion members across the globe.


The first member to have access to both KB Props armor and FN Armor was Clint Randall, and you can see his thread regarding the comparisons right here.


It is obvious based on Clint's comparison that the FN Armor kit is recast from Kevin's KB Props kit.  As a result of the evidence presented during the comparison, FN Armor will be placed on the FISD's known recaster list.  This simply means that we will not allow sales threads, and we will not encourage anyone to buy it.  


It does not mean that the armor is not capable of being approved for Legion membership.  It does not mean that we will not allow build threads here.  It does not mean that we will not assist new members to the forums in building it.  On the contrary, those things will happen.  


If someone posts a build thread, we will help them build it to CRL standards for the costume.  If it is built to meet the CRL standards, then GMLs should approve it for Legion membership as the LMO will approve it - if it meets the standards.


I thank everyone who was conducting analysis of the kits for their commitment and dedication under some unusual duress and vitriol, and I thank everyone who maintained a cool head throughout the discussions.  I thank Peter for offering his kits to our membership for analysis.  This is a community of Stormtrooper fans after all.  Even those of us who are already Stormtroopers, or members of the Detachment or Legion Command teams were Stormtrooper fans to begin with.  


Now that this is behind us, let's focus on what we have in common and come back together as a community, as opposed to whatever little differences exist in certain areas that serve to drive us apart.

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