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Rogue One Death Trooper Build Thread

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So I'll start by apologizing for sticking this in the ANH forum, but since we don't have a Rogue One thread yet, figured this was the best place. Please feel free to move it to a more appropriate forum.


With the release of all the great photos from SWCE and the Rogue One panel showing the Death Troopers escorting Director Krennic in, I'm more committed than ever to make this my next build thread. My goal will be to have something in time for the premiere. That will obviously depend on the availability of resources. So this thread will be part research documentation and part build thread. I'm calling on the amazing talents and knowledge within this detachment to assist in identifying the various parts. Here's my initial parts list with potential resources.






Helmet: Phoenix Props


Armor: 850 Armor Works


Gaskets: Going to hand make

Picked up some Yaya Han 4-way Pleather and plan to grab some headliner to see my own gaskets


Boots: Doc Martens Jered Boots


These appear to be discontinued but there are other Dr. martens that look like they should work;

Dr. Marten Talib - are readily available (I own a pair now), but may require the addition of a leather strip down the back to mimic the Jered


Gloves: Endor Findors (alternatively White Eagle Work Gloves dyed black OR Imperial Boots FOTK dyed black)

No question that the DT gloves are black version of the FOTK glove


Belt: TBD

Anyone have any insight? It is ribbed like the FOTK, but much wider


Belt Buckle: 3D Print


Belt Pouches:TBD

Perhaps the FOTK pouches offered by TK-4510 would work for these. There appear to be 3 of the long rectangular pouches with hard covers on this kit.


Blaster Pistol (SE-14R Light): SM

picked up a scope off ebay

Blaster Rifle (modified E-11):3D printing

Lot of details similar to an E-11/F-11 (Huengstler counter, rear scope feature, etc)


Specialist Variant

Pauldron: Veeds Pauldrens

Looks like a black sandy pauldron


MP40 Shoulder Pouches: Epic Militaria

Had to color the stitching and remove a tab, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.


Hand Grenades (qty 3): KB Props


Ammo Vest: Condor Barrage Chest Rig

Vest consists of 6 pouches 4 with hard plastic covers and 2 are fabric. the pouches for the grenades attach to the center two fabric ammo pouches.


Specialist Rifle: DLT-19








Anything I've missed? Hopefully this will come together smoothly!

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Andy's right.


Really looking forward to this build thread Greg. Keep your eyes peeled to this page as they identified quite a few parts for R1 troopers already: https://www.facebook.com/PartsofSW/

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I ID'd the retractable stock on the E-11SD (for lack of a better name) to a VERY close degree. I ordered one and when it arrives I will share pics. I posted a link in a thread I started elsewhere....<br>

Also, if they are doing a run of the armor and helmet, please let me know, as I will put down a deposit as needed to be one of the first to get in. I want this ready for the premier!

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The boots are certainly DMs (that sole is pure DM) but not Talib or Mayer. Those are the closest 2 but the seam around where the top of the shoe isn't there and also the rear tab isn't right.



Rogue One Death Trooper Reference CE 2016 by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr



Rogue One Death Trooper Reference CE 2016 by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr


These are photos I took at CE on the Sunday. Click through to be able to see and download at high res.


Also the gaskets are fabric, not rubber. If you zoom in to the rear knee you can just about see the texture. It's sort of a waxy finish cotton looking fabric.


The under suit looks to be the same jersy material as used on the shore trooper with a 3d mesh arm pit vent.



Rogue One Death Trooper Reference CE 2016 by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr


That image shows all 3 fabrics if you zoom in on the high res version.

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One thing is for sure these won't be in the white armor detatchment. I'll check back in this thread once the armor pieces are actually sculpted since its really early stages, goodluck!

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For the Official Record:  The Death Troopers will be going to Spec Ops.  


This has already been covered in a conversation with both DLs and the LMO.


The Shoretrooper is likely going to Spec Ops as well, but there is a bit of whispering on the Pathfinder front also, albeit unofficial whispers.

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While I was watching the live stream from home, I squeed bigtime when I saw those deathtroopers marching on stage behind Krennic!!!   :laugh1:  That armor is spectacular!!!  If I didn't already have my TK, I would definitely be building this (not going to though for lack of funds and space) but I WILL be getting one of the buckets!  Can't wait to see how this plays out.

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My 2 cents.


Full sewn bib and back piece that appears attached to neckseal or hang from.


Full ribbed undersuit that has sewn ribs. Visible under arms and used for shore and TK. This is the smaller of the ribs. Mesh near armpit.


Ribbed underoos. Almost similar to a boxer brief design, this ribbing is sewn and different from the non sewn ribs on the thigh armor.


The gaskets themselves are fully sewn and have a different design than TFA, they don't have really have ribs in R1 at least none with major dimension (height).


Lots of sewing on this one..lots. :)

3 different rib sizing and at least 3 different materials.


Subscribed, looking forward to your updates.


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I saw a picture of the Death Trooper sidearm a while ago, and I'm fairly certain that it's pretty much just an SE-14R, but I'd have to look again and I didn't save the photo. If I come across it again I'll post it here.


EDIT: Not the picture I meant, but here's a good screencap showing what seems (to me) to be an SE-14R:



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That muzzle looks a lot like a keyless drill chuck.


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/13MM-Keyless-Drill-Chuck-SDS-HBM-Power-Drill-Driver-Adaptor-W132-/310671934141Not an exact match but there's a number about.

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