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Fem TK for five footer

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My wife is very interested in the Fem TK (Jes) armor, but she is about five foot tall. I was wondering if anyone that height has done a Fem TK?<br><br>

My clone is a KW designs one, and I know they do Fem TK armor, but I know the size only goes to about 5 4 or so. I am concerned about cutting the armor down too much and losing critical elements.<br><br>

She wants to be 501st approvable.<br><br>

Any help or suggestions would be more than welcome! <br><br>


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Yup! I'm a shorty at 5'0" on the nose. Though my build is not 100% done,because Reasons, all of the armor parts you will need to mod are done. Check out my build thread and if you have questions feel free to reach out I will answer questions if I can! Good luck!

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I didn't do a fem tk, just a regular one... But I'm 5'2"! I cut a LOT! It was a lot of work and when I say A LOT, I really mean it!all worth it tho.


But I'd believe if a regular tk armor that can fit a tall dude could be cut to fit a short girl like me is possible, then I'm pretty sure you will be ok.



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