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Emma's First ANH Stunt [WTF] - any help is appreciated!

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A month and a half into waiting for my boots from Imperial Warfighters and they arrived today! Some pictures and a few observations:




The boots came painted, with one or two chips in it, likely from shipping. This is easily fixable with a dab of white paint or even White-Out.


The logo on the back tabs is what concerns me. They need to be all-black, yes? How do I go about painting elastic? Can I try filling it in with sharpie? Will that work?




There are other some rough patches I might clean up with paint. What paint should I use? Not the same white gloss I used for the hard armor, or do I do that?






Overall, pretty worth the money and wait time, but just a few modifications I have to make. Any advice on how to fix the paint job and cover up the black tabs on the heel would be much appreciated!


I also tried them on- they are a bit roomy but narrow, so some foam in the heel or toe might be enough to make it more snug. Otherwise, they fit as well as I had expected.


Otherwise progress has been slow. I've had a few other projects distracting me but I want to keep pushing on this project before I go back to school (which will be about a month from now--- ah!).


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I have tabs on the front of mine, a loop of elastic through with snaps on the end which attach to the inner front of the shins, helps to keep them straight and pulled down when bending ;) 

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Just a quick update:


I am off to school soon and must put this project on hold once again. While my progress tapered off toward the end of the summer, I think I did a lot of good work and I'm happy with what I did. I'll be back!! 


*temporarily vanishes into the shadows for a few months for school*

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