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Humperdingle's Troop Diary

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Very happy to say that my first troop under the UKG 501st (Imperial Scottish Squad), has been completed. I had a great day, pretty much constant photo calls and lots of smiles on the faces of the kids and their families! Thanks to the guys who trooped with me :)

(I'm the guy wearing white :D )


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Awesome! For a second I'd thought I'd see your Shocktrooper. ;)

Would have been good mate, but need to wait on that fella getting cleared :)
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Congrats on your induction mate, sorry I couldn't be there, hope all went well at the troop and hopefully see you at a troop soon :)

Thanks, bud, shame you couldn't make it - was a busy few hours :)

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Wonderful shoot - well done!

Thank you :)


Minor malfunctions now sorted - A twisty bicep (elastics attached incorrectly) and a garter system belt strap.


Ready for the next one :) which, with any luck, may be in my shock trooper outfit :D

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OK, so I might as well use this thread as a photo diary of my troops :)


The latest one was at the Stirling Military Show last weekend - A very busy day, with lots of photo calls and plenty going on.











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Quite amazingly, I had a lovely message telling me I was featured in the FISD Stormtrooper Hall of Fame :D<br><br>

<a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37009-the-stormtrooper-hall-of-fame/'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37009-the-stormtrooper-hall-of-fame/</a>

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Hi folks, there has been a bit of a break since the last troop, but here are some pics of my small troop yesterday.


Young Adam was turning 16. His mum had reached out to the community to attend her son's special day dressed as Star Wars characters.

So between the Rebel Legion, Edinburgh Sci-fi Con folks and 501st (and a couple of independents), we tried our best to add an authentic bunch to the mix.

Adam suffers from a serious chromosonal disorder, but really loved the party. 


Hopefully we did our job on the day :) . Some photos


Without a doubt, a stormtrooper of the future: 


A group pic before we enter the hall:
Chewie saying hello to the family:
Had to quell a slight wookiee security problem:
A pose with the main man himself, and his little sister:
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First outing with the Shock Trooper today, at the Glasgow MCM Comic Con...

Very busy the whole time with lots of photo ops.


A group pic of some of the 501st Imperial Scottish Squad:


Just me...



And a visit from a work colleague!



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Excellent stuff. Congrats matey. I can't wait for mine but it seems so far off right now.

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Won't be long, i'm sure :)


The Shocker was really popular for photos (phew!), especially with the younger folks, who probably play more Battlefront. How cool would it be if a future movie includes the character?!

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