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Hitman's Jimmiraquois WIP

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Not complaining. I'm just a big guy :)


Didn't think you were  :D brother. Most of us here struggle with some part of the armor. I for one feel like I'm putting on a corset every time I step into my ab section. Literally takes me 20 minutes or so to acclimate :laugh1: . Looking forward to your build. 

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Last week I received the first butt stock molded from Kevin for the F11-D. Minus a few issues I think it came out well.




With that I can say my blaster is 100% complete.





Work on the armor itself has not yet started due to the extreme heat. I am hoping to start sanding the inside sometime this week.

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Time for some long awaited armor work. Due to a recent funk I've been in mentally and physically I have not done any work to the armor. That changed yesterday. I've sanded the interior of all my armor pieces with 100 grit flexible sandpaper!!




I know you cannot tell in the first pic of anything being done but this one of my work uniform says it all:





I am hoping this funk I've been in starts to dissipate a bit faster but time will tell, & hopefully some nice armor work will be done.

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