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TK-32794 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status [ATA] [596]

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Aaron Lutsch



Outer Rim Garrison


Armor = ATA; (Built by Pandatrooper)

Helmet= ATA

Blaster= DoopeyDoos/Gattaca Props

Height = 5'11.5"

Weight = 175lbs

Boots = TKBoots

Canvas belt = Pandatrooper

Hand Plates = ABS(ATA); Rubber (AP)

Electronics= Aker, Fans

Neck Seal = Darman

Holster = Darman






















































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Looking good, I'd suggest shortening the should strap that will pull the shoulders up higher and if you move the connection point forward towards the chest it will also close the gap of black in the front. 

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Could we please get a clear photo of the cod rivet and snaps from the outside, can only see from internal strapping .


Thank you

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Hi Aaron , thank you for your EIB application, lets take a closer look.

CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required photos have been posted and your armor meets all EI requirements. Ukswath and I would like to welcome you to the level of Expert Infantry, Congratulations!.    :jc_doublethumbup: 


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section, we go over observations made by your fellow troopers and ourselves. Any suggestions made that would affect an application will be made in the above and below sections.

Its never easy hand painting a TK helmet, and my utmost respect goes out to those that do. You have done a good job of this, but there are just a couple of little things we would like you to tidy up.

In the below photo your front trap the bottom should finish straight across and be parallel to the top line of the trap. It looks as though yours starts to come down at an angle first, before disappearing under the brow trim. Generally fixing up paint jobs isn't too hard on ABS. I use a toothpick dipped in Mineral turpentine and scratch the paint away, then clean up and repaint.

Another thing that is hard to determine w from the photo, is where the paint should finish.



If we look at the image below we can see that the painted areas finish at the bottom of the indent where the ridge wall starts. The paint doesn't go up those small steps.




This ones only a photo issue as it has probably moved around while kitting up. Your right shin is rotating outwards and out of alignment. If you find this happens a fair bit, placing some foam pieces in the front at either side will stop the twisting. Alternatively there are various stirrup systems you can make that stop the twist, but also stop the shins from ridding up.






It might pay to try and shorten the straps between your Butt plate and kidney plate as much as you can, you could also apply some heat to try and curve it a bit more to the contour of your body. Possibly even wearing the belt lower at the back so it wraps level around you will stopp the plate popping out to the degree it currently is.


Centurion Suggestions:

Well you've got this far, we certainly hope you will go all the way. This is the section where we do our best to get you ready for a Centurion application. From what we can see in your application, really its only the things we have mentioned in the above section that can get you looking truly remarkable, so we would definitely love those areas remedied for any future centurion application.

Make sure you follow the CRL for level 3 closely, and include all required submission photos.


Well, yet again congratulations Aaron,Tony and I hope to see you in the Centurion application section soon. :salute:

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Hi Andrew!


Thanks for the feedback. 


I will do my best to make the changes you suggested. I've already fixed my butt plate by adding some nylon webbing between the kidney and the butt - while the elastic works, this helps keep it closer to my body.


I was planning on adding an elastic to the top of my TKboots and attach it to the insides of the shins to prevent the boots from jutting out. I think this will also help keep them centered. I'll also add some foam though just to be safe :)


I'll take care of the TD!


Regarding the traps - I painted them based on their natural curvature. Cutting the angle off might look a bit odd if there is empty space within the dip (does that make sense?) It's an easy fix, but just curious if it's a make or break for centurion as I believe I've seen some helmets have this issue.


Again, thanks for the feedback, and I'm already prepping for my centurion application! 




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