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TFA Trooper WIP


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are the shin pieces expected to go over the top of the boots? Yes



Since the shins and spats are over the boots there's no pinching parse, maybe boot bunching but that's about it. 

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Good to know...I wasn't fitting these with the boots since I assumed they'd go "above" the boots...but I'll definitely give it a shot

I'm almost 6', my shins ride high but the FOTK boots are tall so they still fit over the boot though I have to make them pretty tight or I have difficulty closing my spats. 

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Ran into an interesting issue yesterday.  So, I was unsure how to attach this piece to the back of the TD plate:




I looked at ukswrath's thread, and his "clip" slants more which means it glues nicely to the inside of the TD plate.  Mine is too "vertical" so, it doesn't fit in there.  So, I figured I'd have to heat it up and open it up a bit to get more of an angle.


I dont have a heat gun, and i knew you could boil abs in order to bend it.  So, I put it in boiling water, but it kept squeezing shut under it's own weight...making the problem worse, not better.


So, I ended up taking 2 paint sticks/stirrers, putting them both inside the clip (with a dot of CA glue to hold them in place).  Placed the plastic clip with 2 paint sticks inside into the boiling water.  I'd take it out once it's warm, pull apart the sticks a little bit, which opened up the plastic a little bit.  Put it back in to the water, and repeat until the clip was wide enough.  The sticks helped me open up the plastic, as well as keeping it perfectly straight and even:




then it fit perfectly:



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Hey Brian looking good sir. My only concern would be the thickness of the TD plate. It really pushes out the back plate however, since the CRL higher levels of accuracy are still under development there's no reason to change anything.


Here's a screen reference, not a very good one but you can still see the difference.



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Yeah, once I got everything together, I noticed how thick the TD plate was.  In hindsight, I wished I had shaved it down some, but originally i just assumed it was already to go as is.


Considering how hard it was getting that clip on, I wish I had thought of that before :(



How do you feel about the sides of the thigh pieces?  they don't go up very far (thereby leaving a lot of "black space" between the stomach and thighs), and that's about as far up as I can get them. I'm hoping the belt will help with that.

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Work continues


Painted the ab boxes and belt boxes






Got the belt finished!


I backed the rubber strip with a 2" black nylon strap.  Attached the boxes with chicago screws.




So, the part I was dreading due to thinking it was tedious, turned out not to be too bad.  The greeblies.  I knew I'd have to curve them.  Most people use a heat gun, but I don't have one.  So, rather than buying one, I boiled each piece in water, then pushed each piece against the side of a pot to curve it.  Turned it it was really simple and it wasn't that many pieces I had to curve. 








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