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Phasma question


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I've decided that I want to challenge myself and aim for building a Phasma, so I'm going to start doing some research. First, if i was to buy a FO TK armor set, would it be exactly the same as a phasma? More specifically, do they wear the same type of armor? Any help on this question or anything else involving where i can get some extra research resources would be great. 



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Yerrp, there are a good few subtle differences but on the whole the standard TFA trooper suit can be used as a base for the Captain Phasma armour as it utilises around 95% of the same parts.

The additional / different parts mainly being, Flame Trooper cod, C3PO ’style’ fingers guards, hand and wrist plates, shin extensions, double boot plates, and of course that awesome cape.

You would also need to go for a purpose made lid (as stated) as they are completely different.



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