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Questions on first name usage etiquette

Professor Why

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Hey guys. I was wondering what the general etiquette for using other members first name is.


I commonly see people use first names over screen names which I am more than fine with when my name is being used but I always feel hesitant to use others real names without having talked to that person previously. 


Is the assumption that once that information is public anyone is allowed to call that member by their first name?


This all may seem silly but I always prefer to ask ahead of time rather than unknowingly offend.


Thanks guys

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Hi Mitchell!  (Hope that answers your question, sir)!  We may live in all parts of the world, but we are brothers (and sisters) in arms.  A lot of it will depend on the context... i.e. when I say that a great place to get helmet fans is from Tony, I will specify his screen name (ukswrath).  Some people may prefer their screen names, but I am just Joseph, (thus the nick).  There are no strangers here, only friends we've yet to meet.

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Hey Mitchell. Yeah I think that if you asked most people they would agree you can call them anything that is publically listed on their profile. If someone doesn't want their name out there then I think they would put a nickname where their name is supposed to go. Like Joseph said we are all brothers and sisters who share a love for white spacemen. Things can be taken out of context every now and again but it is few and far between and the members will just sort it out amongst themselves. Hope this helps: Steve, starsaber25, centurion, Expert infantry, supporter 2015, Imperial Attaché, hey you, guy, fella, brother.

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