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TK-82954 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status (T/MC)[573]

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TK-82954 Requesting ANH EIB Status




Bob Martin



Star Garrison

  • Armor = T/MC
  • Helmet= T/MC
  • Blaster= Derrick Day
  • Height = 5' 11"
  • Weight = 155
  • Boots = TK Boots
  • Canvas belt = Robert Kittell
  • Electronics= Aker / iComm




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Hey Bob, Sly or myself will be with you shortly. While you're waiting can you please add the following pictures:


Blaster "D" ring 

Helmet lens color

Cod rivet

Helmet back

Blaster left side

Thermal Detonator

Holster attachment


Thank you

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Looking good man! Love the DLT. A few suggestion I can see are your shoulder bells should be rotated forward a little so there isn't so much black showing. Also the forearms should be rotated so that the little "box" details are facing away from the body, towards the back.


Other than that you are looking sharp!


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Hey Bob thank you for your EIB application.

CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All submission photos have now  been posted. Your armor displays all the necessary elements to qualify for EIB. Congratulations and welcome to Expert Infantry trooper!    :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section, Myself and Sly review suggestions made by your fellow troopers and/or our own observations. All go towards improving the final look of your armor. If there is anything that would affect a future Centurion application it will be mentioned in that section. 


May we suggest, if possible reduce the shoulder bell to chest gap, it could just be a picture thing as someone mentioned. 



Reference picture




Centurion Suggestions:

The ultimate accuracy of Centurion is up to the Trooper. As you may already know you armor is made of overlap construction. For Centurion it is required to be butt and strip.


Thigh Armor, lower legs and arms:

For level three certification (if applicable): Thighs are constructed using the butt joint and cover strip method. Overlap construction is not allowed.


Though disassembling your armor to make it L3 approved is not an impossible task (I've done it), it is quite difficult and you run the risk of permanently damaging your armor. If you choose to embark on this endeavor please let us know and help you as much as possible.


You have a beautiful set of armor there trooper  :salute: , time to get out there and make the empire proud.   

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Did no one notice the rivets installed wrong for the holster? or do rivets placement for holster not apply to EIB? Anyways, the rivets or chicago screws should be near the bottom rather than towards the top.

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