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14th Run for the Rose - My First Ever Troop!

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Okay, I just hope I'm doing this right...


In all the photos below, I am the TK without a blaster in my holster. I have one, and used it at a troop later in the day, but didn't bring it to this particular one. And ignore the April 9 stamp. It's wrong.


I joined the 501st last Tuesday, and almost instantly, I signed up for several troops with my local Squad. Most of them are spread out a month or two from now, but I was able to sign up for this troop (and, at the last minute, a Make-a-Wish troop for later in the day; that report may come later) and I'm very proud to call THIS my first ever troop with the 501st Legion!


Others involved were Rick Flores (TK-6239, our Vader), Scott Harrelson (TK-24241, the other TK), and Thomas Maske (TX-25555, the Shadow Scout). My awesome wife Theresa was there as a handler and photographer (she's not in the 501st), as was Thomas's wife.


The day started early for me. The event happened an hour away and we needed to be there at 7 AM, so both of us woke up at 5:30. Not ideal, but at least we got there before the hot Texas heat settled in. 




We got dressed and then made our way to the start line. We stayed there for a good hour or so, maybe even more, waving at the race participants and taking pictures. My one and only wardrobe malfunction of the troop occurred when one of my shins came loose; a quick velcro fix later and I was all good.










After the race started, we went indoors and spent more time taking more pictures with a very enthusiastic crowd. We spent a full hour, split between a 15-minute water/cooling-off break. Two things in particular are in my memory: the first was a child, probably 3 or 4, who was scared to death of us. They can't see you smiling like an idiot underneath your bucket during your very first troop; to them, you look robotic, if not demonic. She shied away, even beginning to cry before her parents gave up getting a picture with us.






The second biggest thing was another girl, about the same age, who ran up to us and yelled at the top of her lungs "I LOVE STAR WARS!" All of us chuckled at her enthusiasm.



^ my awesome-possum wife posing with us at the very end ^


After 2 and a half hours, the crowd began to disperse, and we decided to call it a day - given that two of the four of us had another troop later in the day anyway. All in all, it was a VERY fun first troop! Notes to self: trim the forearms so I can actually bend my elbows enough to take off my bucket, and also get fans FOR my bucket.




~~Skul, TK-69004

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Congrats, Jack! Wish I could have been there for your first troop, but you were with one of my "generals" at least(Scott Harrelson). Looks like y'all had a blast!

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