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HOWTO: Update Anovos Belt without destroying rivet covers

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Hi all! We know the Anovos belt should be replaced.




Too droopy. But, while some have been very successful in prying off the rivet covers to get the belt taken apart, I was really scared of doing this and doing some serious damage. So, after a consult with my Creative Crafting Advisor (my wife), we came up with the following plan.



I ordered a Kittle. A big difference in how  it looks just lying of the floor.





Then I cut the canvas away from the ABS belt.




Leaving me with....







Here is my velcro




I made a detailed diagram of the old belt with all measurements I thought I might need. I also had pictures if needed.




I marked the ends and middle of the ABS belt on the front side of the Kittle.










Then put velcro over and under the original rivet.








After gluing the hard part of the velcro on the ABS, I glued the soft part on the front side of the belt. Note that the velcro starts half an inch from the end to account for the angled edge.




Using my map and old belt, I made the hole in the belt for the snap that attaches the belt to the armor. I made sure the snap was placed under the gap between the ridges so the snap would not get in the way of making the ABS sit as flush as possible on the canvas belt.




Put in the snaps (small error on first one so I made 2 holes)



Then took out the Chicago screws holding the holster.




Using ukswrath Anovos build as the Build Bible, put the holster in the correct place.





Put the ammo boxes in place. I did not take the ammo boxes apart do the rivet thing. These also seem really stuck together for me and I didn't want to risk damage prying them apart. I know for Centurion, it will be recommended to attach these the more screen accurate way, but it is something that isn't seen so hopefully won't get in the way for any future Centurion approvals and if/when replacement ammo boxes are available, maybe I try it knowing if there is damage, I can start again.




Stick the ABS on the velcro and....





Much better. Since I have done this, some have even found a way to rivet the ABS on with gluing some scrap ABS onto the indentations on the back of the belt. The velcro I used is really strong so the ABS doesn't move. If it does, we have a plan B.


I would really recommend all Anovos troopers to make the belt replacement. It really makes a huge difference in the look.


Good luck.

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Is there any reason why this method would prevent anyone from getting beyond basic approval?


I personally can't think of one. Expert Infantry and Centurion are all about how the armor looks externally, and are agnostic to the internals. As long as this method doesn't affect the external appearance (I plan on using it myself for my belt upgrade), it should be fine.

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I have a Kittell TX belt on order. Looking forward to trying this. I was not thrilled with the idea of pulling those covers off. With the lack of customer service I've had with Anovos, I was not looking forward to dealing with them again should I break one of those covers.


Thanks for sharing.

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Great idea, I may do the same now!

Should you have trimmed off the extra Chicago Screw holes on the holster before reattaching to the belt? 


Edit: Ah nvm you don't have the extra holes showing! :P 

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Good tutorial.  I like mine mounted in the traditional way, but this method is definitely more safe for those concerned about their ability to get the covers off without damage.  I do recommend cutting the Anovos belt away carefully, rather than just hacking it off.  You never know when a spare belt (such as it is!) might come in handy, in an emergency.

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Thank you for this tutorial.  I need to replace my belt, but fear damaging the plastic belt in the process.  Does anyone have any "after" shots of this method?  Any testimonials of approvals/ disapproval of their submissions after using this method?



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