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Here comes another, Kevin's E11pipe build


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Hey Kevin, happy to see your 2nd blaster is now completed. It looks very interesting and all your work paid off.


What about your son? Does he like the weathering on your blaster and wants that now on his E-11, too?


That counter looks very detailed and precise. Is it made from resin? Can you tell us a bit more of that piece?

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Thank you. I did try again on weathering my son's blaster. He likes mine but still doesn't want his dirty. (In his own words) He has autism, not major, but still on the spectrum and has issues with coping and when he as his mind set, it's set. <br><br>

As far as the counter goes, it's all plastic. I may go back to it and add the inside parts but they would have to be made from scratch. As shown in the photos above, it looks like a cast of the original and later poured with hard plastic. The cover is fully detailed and comes with plastic screws.<br><br>

My dislikes are the spade connectors. Flimsy easy to break thin plastic.<br><br>

But that's it. As far as the dislikes.<br><br>

I changed them to metal as well as the screws to hold the cover.<br><br>

The marker or paper looking center, is paper with thin plastic over it. Printed as far as I can tell. Also comes with another printed part for the numbers. <br><br>

Again, I can go back to the insides and change them later (maybe) still for 65.00 free ship, it was worth having a look at.

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So, I built my bucket. There are so many bucket builds on here, I figured I would just post a couple pics here along with my blaster. The only mod I made was lining the inside of the helmet and adding Aarons awesome interior kit. The bucket is from ATA. The details are hand painted and I used trooper bay stripes. This is also a sandtrooper build. No electronics and this will only be a display piece. Fun kit and happy with the outcome.


Here are a couple of wips, but mostly the finished product. I still need to paint the ear screws white and I am looking for a part I will like for the inside ears.











That's all folks. Thank you everyone for the inspiration and encouragement. A special thank you to Aaron once again for his awesome kits.

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Your interior kit installation looks better than mine!!!  The weathering is incredible!  SUPER COOL.

Nice work, Kevin!


Two questions:

What is the black foam liner?  I like it!

What did you use / how did you apply the weathering?



Aaron  :)

wow, that's like a badge of honor coming from you. Thank you.


the fabric is actually a heavy felt. An upgrade if you will from craft grade felt. I bought it at hobby lobby. they sell it in yards for 5.99

I used hot glue to hold it in place which is great if you ever need to remove it. I applied the glue to the fabric and tucked in place.


here is a link http://www.hobbylobby.com/Fabric-Sewing/Utility-Fabrics/Felt-Fabric/Black-Solid-Plush-Felt-Fabric/p/109533


As far as my weathering technique, its really simple. A lot of dry brushing, LOTS ! followed by a little Tamiya weathering kits. I spent countless hours learning how to dry brush and paint wash from some unbelievable artists, I mean these guys and ladies can take anything to the next level,  but I have to admit, I love these weathering kits. I still dry brush at least 90% of the project however I find these kits give or add depth over detail. The sad part is, they are getting harder to find. ebay has them, but don't get too wrapped up with all the colors. I just stick to the foundations and colors I'm working with.

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Sweet blaster and helmet, man! Now you need some armor to go with it :smiley-sw013::th_AnimatedBravoSmiley::jc_doublethumbup:

I am too tall I think. Lol. I would like to find plans for the shoulder being this is a sandtrooper bucket. Might be cool to make a bust display out of this. I'm 6'3 and most of the trooperS I have seen were average height. I might be able to pull off vader.

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Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I have been harassing other forums getting info and lessons on building other props. I will share if I'm allowed to post non trooper items. I am currently working on a snowtrooper scratch build. Bucket only. (For now) I may find it nessesarry to make a matching weapon but we will see.

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3 minutes ago, kevin926 said:

This site has certainly changed alot since I've built my E 11 and Helmet.  I had a question regarding building and F11 and that is . Do they have a toy version like the E11 toy conversions that can be made to be more accurate?   

Unfortunately not even close enough to add after market updates





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7 minutes ago, kevin926 said:

Yikes, not even close.  What are people using. All I'm seeing are 3d prints



3D prints or resin kits

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2 minutes ago, kevin926 said:

Are there any build threads for a Clone trooper scratch build off the prints here. Clone DC-15S Carbine


Thanks in advance

Not here, you are better looking at the Clone Trooper detachment https://501stclonetroopers.com/

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