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Greyfox' Anovos stunt build

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Hi there,


I know there are already a bunch of anovos build threads, but after making some progress I felt like it would make sense to document this and I actually hope to get some help on this here :)


Im not very fast with this, so the updates wont come to fast I guess. Before I decided to make this thread I already cut out all the parts per score and snap with an exacto knife and that worked very well.


After that I wanted to fit the forearm pieces to my arm. I didn't get how exactly I have to do it and before I cut wrong, I thought its useful to show it here.


So here we go:




The workshop




The forearm. I cut the other side to 7,5mm on each side, so that the flat area where I glue the strip on is 15mm in total. So I guess I have to do any fitting cuts on this site shown in the picture. The problem is, that the pieces dont fit flat together since they are a little bit wonky. So, do I have to cut both sides so far that they fit together witouht a gap? Or is it possible to glue the stripe on this site with this gap?


Im looking forward to any feedback :)

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I just got to this stage on my build as well, and from what I gathered on ukwraths build it seems it should fit together flat, but if there's a little gap it probably won't matter too much



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Are you saying the forearm is not big enough or that the joints are not straight?


When trimming anything, you should always test fit before you trim too far. I know the ideal size of the joining strips is 15mm but it is not imperative. Use 20mm if you need to make the parts wider and it is not a problem having a small gap under the joining strips.

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The joints are not straight. Right now the forearm pieces are too large for my arm so I have to cut them anyway. So my first thought was to cut it straight, and see then if I have to take away even more.


Thanks for feedback!

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Okay, the parts want to be loose on your body so make sure when you test fit that they slide up and down your arm freely. Tape them together and double check the size before you cut anything, making sure you can get your hands through the wrist opening. The tapered gap is irrelevant since the plastic will simply bend to wherever you want it to go when gluing the parts together. The priority is getting your hands through the opening and keeping them loose :)

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