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TFA Z6 Stormtrooper Riot Baton 3D Model Build......this may take a while

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Update Coming Soon.......ish.   Stupid work getting in the way again.

Hoorah!   I have managed to get rid of my backlog of deadlines, so it looks like I can eventually finish this thing   Thanks for the patience if your still out there.

Okay then, here we go for the next thrilling instalment of my “Z6 – Riot Baton Build” or as I have come to think of it, “What have I started”, especially since once I got to over 150 hours I stopped c

Okay Then, here we go for another thrilling instalment of my Z6 - Riot Baton Build.


At this point I think I have finished the modelling of the "Stock" of the Z6, I had to go back and change a few things as I noticed a few details did not line up correctly.


Also after looking at a few photos in detail, I think that the button on the end of the grip operates a sort of push rod and lever setup that unlocks both ends of the "Deflectors" at the same time, I have built the two little circular buttons on the sides to incorporate a dowel being fed through to connect a lever mechanism linked to the button on the grip via a rod.


I would like to point out that I have no idea how to do that part or any electronics or how to get the "Deflectors" to swing out correctly....yet, although I think CGI may be involved in that scene in the movie.


If you look through the images I have pasted in below, I have tried to incorporate future additions or improvements, especially electronics or batteries, the "Shaft" has been deliberately left hollow for that, I also decided to add an end cap so that when it is removed, two screws can be put through into the black areas of the "Shaft" to secure them over the compartment, the end cap is then fixed in place with another central screw which is then covered by the end spike, which could be glued or fixed in place via magnet.


Anyway, since you have made it this far, here's the pictures.






































Hope you enjoyed all of that ?


Anyway, here's a few observations :-


1) I have the feeling the two black triangles on each side may be indented and not raised like I have made them, the only images I have seen that show them indented are from fan build.


2) I have no clue how it should attach to the thigh clips, I am inclined to believe they fit the same way as the pistols and blasters.


3) As I have ran the pieces through Shapeways to check for holes, I have noted that actually making this thing through them would be stupidly expensive.....more than a set of armor.....however, I have come this far so I am going to finish, even if nobody ever makes it.


4) When I finish I may have to chop pieces into smaller chunks for peoples home printers, no problem doing that, just at the end of the build.


So, that's it so far, just need to work on the rest......


As always, any and all input is welcome, if you think there is something I should change or add to ease kitting it out as the FISD is likely to do, please mention it, after all I am building this for the FISD, not just for me.



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Art, your work on this is amazing. These 3D images are beautiful and think they will look even better when they are printed. Can't wait to see when one of your batons gets printed and out into action. Outstanding work!!!!!

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I love how much detail you have put into this project, cant wait for the finished product!



2) I have no clue how it should attach to the thigh clips, I am inclined to believe they fit the same way as the pistols and blasters.


I'm not sure if it has been pointed out in this thread or elsewhere, I chipped out a screenshot that looks like there's a bracket with two bolts sticking out to attach to the thigh clip on the baton.



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Would you be able to team up with someone on casting your original printing when you are finished, or cast them yourself?

At the moment I am not in a position to get the baton printed myself, however since it's a relatively simple shape I think it would cast relatively easy with a few tweaks, although a few pieces would need to be cast separately and attached in the build / clean up phase.

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I love how much detail you have put into this project, cant wait for the finished product!




I'm not sure if it has been pointed out in this thread or elsewhere, I chipped out a screenshot that looks like there's a bracket with two bolts sticking out to attach to the thigh clip on the baton.



Thanks for the screenshot, nice to have confirmation of how it attaches to the thigh, I will have to investigate how to incorporate the clip or at least fixing points.

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Since I have managed to pick up a few jobs, my build has slowed down a bit, however that's not to say I have not been busy, just not much to show for it.


I put a few of the pieces together to show a bit more of what the baton is looking like, hope you enjoy.


















As I have been building I have started to put some thought into the internal mechanics for the swing motion of the "Deflectors", I think having them under tension while in the closed position might work, hopefully pressing the release button would allow them to swing round to the open position, however my worry is that the parts would not stand up to much use.


Anyway, as usual, any & all comments are welcome.



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Thanks for the positive comments.

Definitely going to put the files out for the FISD to print, it's all about "Troopers helping Troopers"



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Hmm...  You've caught my interest.


Looking at the pictures Germain posted, it would be neat to somehow incorporate the options to put blue/white LED's in the deflectors inside edges to give it that glowing "crackling" look (you'd only need some small holes and then I'd probaly just run some LED tape down either side). Not sure how accurate it would be, but it would look cool.


What are you thinking with the deflectors movement? Keeping them in-tension in the closed position sounds like a good idea. I think if we print this in ABS the plastic would be able to hold up fine, depending on how thick you've made the walls. My biggest concern would be stopping the deflectors in the correct position.


Have you seen this guys PVC version?


I'm mainly looking at his internal hinge mechanism (around 2 minute mark) I hate to rip off other people, but his internal spring/tension mechanism would probably be a good starting point (its where I'd start and then improve on). 


Let me know if you want to try test printing some things. I have about a 11" cube volume.

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Still Here!!


After a much needed vacation (Tokyo.....loved it) I am back and trying to get this thing finished, just got a little work backlog to clear, although I did have a few thoughts about the spinning/extending deflectors.


1) I have created the sockets on the "Shaft" to attach the deflectors to, currently I have created a hole all the way through for a dowel, this way both deflectors will be fixed together and rotate the same amount, I also created a plug to keep the pieces spaced, this plug will fit into corresponding sockets in the deflectors.


2) I am going to try and build a locking mechanism that will fit in the socket around the dowel so that the deflectors will only spin 180 degrees, hopefully if I can figure it out I will create a slight ramp or raised area inside so that as the deflectors spin, they go up and out.....wish me luck with that.


3) After looking at the link "mo3dprinting" supplied and studying how the spin of the deflectors was created, I may be able to fashion something similar, my only concern is that space is limited.


4) To create the lightning effect on the deflectors I was thinking that the deflectors could be channelled for fitting fibre optics, with a light coat of paint from the distance they would look like part of the main body, once lit, they would hopefully be bright enough to be seen through the paint.


5) As I run the pieces through Shapeways to check for errors, it's becoming increasingly obvious that this thing would be expensive to produce through them (more than a set of armor), so therefore when I finish I will put each piece in it's own file, that way you can print only what you need, also if somebody is going to try and print this at home with a smaller print base, I will chop the main shaft into sections, probably at each link on the length, to try to avoid any obvious seams.


Okay, so if your still with me, here's some pictures :)










As always, any and all advice is welcome, especially if you have any idea's on the release and spin function.




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Okay then, after dealing with a few deadlines I had a few minutes (hours) to try and figure out a bit more of my Z6 Baton build.


I have decided to try and keep the rotation point simple, I have made two spindles that will drop into the open "cup" areas at the end of the baton, since I want both spindles to turn at the same time and to the same angle, I had to shape them so that once there dropped into the "cups" they lock against each other, since I am also building in the ability for each "deflector" to pop out from the main body, I could not use one spindle through the whole build, even the shaped areas need to move against each other..........hope that makes sense.


I also built in a wider "stop" so that a spring could be put between the spindle and the bottom of the "cup", in the final model the stop will be a sort of crescent shape so that it will allow the spindle and "deflectors" to only rotate 180 degrees when spun, I will build a stop into the "cup" to facilitate this.


The top of the cup will have a top that will lock all the workings in place, a hole through the middle will allow the spindle to be fixed to the "deflectors".


I have included pictures to hopefully make all of the above make sense.


I have a few things I want to do to make the spindle area look the same thickness when extended, already working on that.


While I have been running the pieces through "Shapeways" to test the parts integrity, I have come to the conclusion this would cost more that a couple of sets of armor to produce through them, hopefully somebody with there own printer will want to produce it one day.


However I love a challenge, so at this point I am just building this as a personal challenge.


When I eventually finish the modelling I will provide each piece as a separate file, print what you want, build the other bits yourself sort of thing, I might have to produce the main part of the baton in chunks to compensate for printers with smaller print beds......already know how I will do that :)


As always, any thoughts are welcome.............on to the pictures









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