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neoakaj's RMQ


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Been building one for a while now and figured I would make a thread here.

Quick question to anyone who has built one of KWs kits,


On the forearms, do I cut off what looks like overlaps and just go with a butt joint with a inside strip. They look like it will line up better that way


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Thats a good question. In fact I have no experience with rmq armor building yet but if compared to other builds I fear you have to cut the overlapping plastic. Then glue it together, fill gaps with bondo, sand and finally paint it. That seems to be the usual way. BUT here is my question to all the rmq-tk armor building pros. Can the armor be build without using bondo and paint? I really would prefer that. Thanks!

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The (smooth looking) inner forearms part has what I call the "Connection Flange" That step is so you can glue the parts together and it will help create a seamless look. The forearm on the right with the (step ladder detail) will need to be cut just above the section that steps out. After the two halves are glues together you will need to add some bondo to smooth out the seams.


Kevin W.

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