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Make-A-Wish: Welcoming home Nolan - Portland, ME 2/7/16

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Yesterday, we welcomed Wish Kid Nolan at the Portland International Jetport from his Jedi training at Disney World. We had three TKs, an Obi-Wan, and a Mando Merc in attendance, plus myself and one of our TK's sons as wranglers/photographers.


Nolan got to show off his newly acquired Jedi talents to our costumers. We presented gift bags full of Star Wars toys to Nolan and his little brother. Smiles and laughs were had all around and it was a good, short event. The Make-A-Wish staff helped make things very easy for us, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. This was the first time I got to see an event like this first hand, and I couldn't have wiped the grin off my face if I tried. :D


The overall reactions of everyone looking on, especially the two younglings, is what makes me so excited to be part of this group! Now I just need to finish my non-Death Trooper costume, and I can suit up myself for events like this  ;) 




With the Make-A-Wish staff








Enter Nolan and family. 





The lightsaber duels broke out soon after.








Gift bags, presented by Vastoom and TK-44221






And finally some group pictures.











- TK-80494


EDIT: 2/11/16 Pictures are cleared to come back  :) 

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Great work troopers!

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All those countless hours of building your armor, waiting for supplies, and getting approved are worth every minute when you get to have a moment like this.  Well done, troopers!

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Thanks for the comments everyone! Despite how short the event was, it was well worth the drive to and back. Looking forward to my next outing with the white armor of NEG!

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