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ESB and ANH stun differences

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1. Helmet - frown is painted black on ESB and decals are used for the traps and tears

2. Handplates - ESB uses snowtrooper handplates

3. E-11 - no counter or cylinders, slightly different scope

4. Holster - ESB holster is worn on the right side and is looped over the belt



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I always wanted to use a set of these in my bucket for Halloween, to go for that "Steve Buscemi" look.



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Minor detail, but I don't think ESB used bicep hooks. I'm sure they all fell off between ANH and ESB and no one decided to make them again. In consequence, pretty much all biceps hung low and got all twisted.

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On 2/5/2016 at 10:38 PM, aliens8us said:

And the lens are bulbous in ESB whereas they are flat in ANH



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You may be mixing ESB up with ROTJ regarding bubble lenses in the helmet. :)



The ESB Armour and helmets were for the most part reused, freshened up and slightly modded ANH costumes (with a few exceptions of new Mk.II examples sneaking in and not calling attention to its self  :D  ).





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