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DLT-19 3D Model


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Hi Alan!<br>

I would love to get my hands on those files. Since I'm an industrial mechanic, I would like to build a metal DLT-19.<br>

But the whole world uses the metrical system. Can I use your files and modify them? I would change everything to mm.<br>

If it's possible, I could do some parts on CNC machines...<br>

Usually I'm using SolidWorks.

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Ripper_L  -  What format would work for you?  I still have a long way to go.  Since they are in AutoCAD they just need to scaled up X 25.4. AutoCAD make that easy.


These drawings are not dimensional accurate to the real deal, I have only held on MG-34 once. They are designed to work with PVC pipe and are based just on photos and the few dimensions I could find. Since I was only considering these being printed in plastic, (sand to fit) I have not added any real world tolerances to the parts. So basically a force fit, so convert them to metal will need to take that in to account.



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Please make a file for each part individually. It is easier to arrange the parts for printing.


I have a Printrbot 3D printer that I have upgraded to print 12"L X 4"W X 5"H. Future plans are to increase the width to 6" and height to 10".


Now I have another SW prop to add to the list for printing.

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Thank you guys.


I apologies for the lack of updates.  Had a personal crisis that has taken a majority of my time.  Not sure when I’ll be able to get back to this as I still have a few months of work to do before life can get back to some kind of normality.  But I will finish it, I'll make sure to break it down the final model in to seperate parts.



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