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TK-Jay's DisneyDoos E-11 Build


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Sure, it was a generic 8x20 monocular for bird watching… I'd post a link, but honestly they are everywhere, and the prices vary wildly from one seller to the next. I paid about seven dollars for mine on Amazon, but that was because I'm a prime member and get free shipping. I'm sure you can find one even cheaper if you look hard enough.




Photo for reference… it looks like they rebrand the exact same monocular for a bunch of different companies, so your markings may differ from mine, but it's the same part.



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Glad to hear it! Just take your time cutting the plastic… it can be tricky!




Once the blaster was painted black, it's time for weathering:























The whole shebang:









I used a dry brush technique to layer the silver/brass colors with black on top. I got some old model brushes and dabbed the paint on a damp paper towel before applying to the edges. It took some trial and error, but I think it turned out alright. Once I get another free afternoon, I'll put the clear coats on.



This is pretty much the blaster's final form. I know there are a bunch of inaccuracies, but overall, I'm pretty happy with it. That being said, it's smaller than a real Sterling, missing the holes on the bottom of the barrel tube, has no flash guard for the hole on the other side, has an inaccurate clip, trigger and handle, missing the bolt and spring mechanism, that crazy Hengstler counter (under the resin one), mostly filled in scope rail, and slightly straighter wires connecting the counter to the p-cylinders…


But it lights-up and goes "pew-pew" so… overall i'd count it as a win.  :)



I'll post some glamour shots once I get it sealed!

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Hey greyfox, yeah, the shapeways pieces fit great! The butt cap was a bit tight, but after sanding it was fine. The nozzle and front sight are perfect, and the rear one is great too, but you have to relocate it a bit further back to get it closer to the proper Sterling profile. That is a bit tricky, as you will see.


I also got a blowback guard for the ejection port, but I decided not to use it, for fear of it breaking off during a troop. I ordered a D-ring, but opted to use the metal one that came with the doopy kit. In hindsight, I would have preferred the 3D printed one, as the metal one makes much more noise.

I wonder if a touch of E6000 on the D-ring where it connects would give enough resistance that it wouldn't move around much, plus a touch on the bottom center (where it will hit the plastic) to give it some "bounce" and muffle the plastic on metal rattle?

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Hey Scott, it's ok about the rear sight. I noticed in all of the reference photos that it was way closer to the butt than the original placement on the gun so I have no problem with where it is currently… I guess I could add to the pipe, but I worry about it looking weird because the rest of the blaster is undersized… I think i'll keep it as is. I'm going to do a pipe or resin kit next, so I can really do a proper display piece with all the details. Really looking forward to that.


Kalani, thanks for the kind words. I wanted to go for a "used but well cared for" look to it … it's so easy to go overboard because it's so dang fun! I'll definitely try some E6K on the D-ring, but since it has been painted and glued, the noise has gone down considerably.


Cheers Vexus! Much appreciated!


Finished pics coming soon…

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