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ABS or PVC RS Propmaster Armor

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Hello guys! :)


My name is Thomas, I have a question, I am saving money to buy the RS Prop Masters Stormtrooper armor. But I am stuck in choosing if I should go with ABS or PVC?

My goal with the armor is:


- To wear it regularly (Not trooping, just wearing for fun) :smiley-sw013:
- To wear it outside ( I live in Holland so there is sun, but its not super hot, so it should not affect the armor to much I hope :huh:)
- To wear it while (hopefully) making fan movies etc.


I hope anyone can give me tips of what to choose, I want to use my armor a lot and of course hopefully don't run into to much trouble or damage with it.


Thanks in advance!

Kindest Regards

Thomas Janson :smiley-sw013:



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My RS set is PVC, I asked them the same question, the response was that the PVC has a higher shine, is a little more durable than the ABS and the ABS will yellow over time so to keep it out of sunlight for prolonged duration.

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There are sooo many threads on this already. Please...

Here's a couple of them as indexed by google.


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