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Field tool/repair kit?

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Dig this:


Chookaboom's Emergency Troop Kit






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I have a few emergency bits I carry, super glue, hot glue, elastic, snaps and tape, I've only used one piece of tape for myself so far in 3 years, one snap plate pulled off, I've now replaced the plates with double snaps in those areas. I've used my emergency kit more for other members who don't carry anything ;).

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I have a small portable tool box that I keep stocked just for troops. Various glues, tapes, scissors, pliers, batteries, sharpies (you never know when you will need to touch up the paint on something) and a glue gun. I keep it with my gear, and if I have a handler, that has some sort of backpack, I have them carry super glue and tape. That way if something breaks during a parade or something, I can do a quick fix.


Also, a hot glue stick and a lighter can work in a pinch.

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Mine consists of :

1.  CA (super) glue-  The gel kind that doesn't run.

2.  Zip-Kicker-  INSTANTLY cures CA glue.  (I love this stuff)

3.  White duct tape.

4.  Assorted batteries-  For fans/speaker system.

5.  Safety pins.

6.  Mr. Clean foam eraser-   (Great for smudges on armor)

7.  Lexan scissors.

8.  Industrial Velcro-  White and black

9.  AXE spray on deodorant/antiperspirant.

10.  Cat Crap-  Anti fogging lens spray.

11.  A few paper towels.

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