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ab button oops

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Lol in my excited over zealous attempt to finish my armor I neglected to pay attention to something on the ab buttons...I have ata armor and the small row of four buttons I didn't trim and glue on..I straight up glued them on over the ridge. I just now realized it. How might I undo the gluing process and correctly trim it and reglue it.

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You should just be able to peel it up slowly. Maybe use an exacto or utility knife to cut the glue along the way. Something sharp to shim and cut as you gently pry.


Go slowly and don't force it. 


I just peeled off a cover strip of the back of a thigh the other day. It took a while but it worked.



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A small flat head screwdriver will also work. Just shim it under the edge and work around the ouece until it comes loose. That is what I had to do with mine to fix that same issue.

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Apply heat, I used a hair dryer on high for approx 25 seconds on the pieces glued by e6000 and they "slowly" lifted off with the gentle pressure from a flat head screw driver slowly prying them up. The first will take 2-3 blasts of heat. Be patient and go slow. <br><br>

Rub away the left over residue and you are good to go.

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