Having successfully completed my DoopyDoos E11 blaster build I have been looking back at my build thread and note that there were a few items that I modelled and printed off on a 3D printer.   In the spirit of trooper helping trooper I will be making all of these 3D models, as listed below, available to download so that anyone can print them off, or have them printed off, if they so wish for their own build. I will make the wings3D file available shortly.   1)      Replacement trigger (I accidentally broke my resin trigger as shown in my build thread). With a little sanding after printing the trigger looks and works exactly like the original resin cast trigger. 2)      A front sight housing. 3)      The folding stock cube detail. 4)      Inner bolt slot extension (basically used to make the inner bolt look the correct diameter.   EDIT 1 - .stl format download links added. EDIT 2 - .stl and Wingd 3D files added for the power cylinders (Further files in both formats to follow for the individual parts)   Trigger 3D file in .stl format https://app.box.com/s/svkcik6yf0000p92a77avioesjlqvhnm   Front sight housing 3D file in .stl format https://app.box.com/s/1k3usljnmde2mog6obs1p84u5rek3kvn   Folding stock cube detail 3D file in .stl format https://app.box.com/s/v5374ni775r8oizx9f8oz7irbmpjefyf   Inner bolt slot extension 3D file in .stl format https://app.box.com/s/vgib5dbeao6db6rs745rwm5jg018g0hw     1 – Replacement trigger     2 – A front sight housing     3 – The folding stock cube detail   4 - Inner bolt slot extension   During the course of my build I also modelled a set of power cylinders. I scratch built my power cylinders from a number of materials however before I started to cut and carve I thought that producing a model would provide me with a visual check and to also allow me to take measurements as and when needed.   I did not put the model for the power cylinders together with 3D printing in mind as I envisaged that this may be a difficulty item to print without substantial support in any event I wanted to build as much as I could in metal therefore I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to print but I have found it most useful for reference.   I will shortly also be able to release the 3D models for all to refer to, use, edit and even try to print from if they wish.   I will have a couple of versions of the model as noted below: -   Version 1 - All components combined in to a single model. Version 2 - The model is separated in to the individual components allowing people to use and/or edit as they wish.   Power cylinder version 1 3D file in .stl format https://app.box.com/s/wtl8s7rz7n96iontfglpz5thlo1b7k68   Power cylinder version 1 3D file in Wings3D format https://app.box.com/s/zpr0jcbd2ddxdjmizc9uqyd1vpkcqdtx   The 3D models were created the in a 3D modelling package called Wings3D which is completely free software available to download. If anyone is interested the software can be downloaded from the following site: -   http://www.wings3d.com/?page_id=84   I can provide the data files for the model in Wings3d format however other formats including .stl which seems to be universal for all the 3D software that I have come across are also available.   I include below a render of the latest 3D model so that you can see what is included and how it looks together.