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Armor Build Question/Help


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Alright so here it is. Now its not 100% finished i still gotta add snaps here and there. And adjust a couple elastic straps but this is getting close to what it is going to be. Now before you say anything. This is going to be a sandtrooper not a stormtrooper. But they are relatively close in armor acceptance. Out of all the experts here. Anything you guys recommend? Dont like? Think i should change? Thanks for all the help so far guys its been an amazing experience day in and day out!!



Helmet - AP

Armor - eFX (i know not the greatest)











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Have you signed up over on MEPD, the home to all things Sandtrooper yet? We rae happy to help, but those guys really are Sandtroopers r Us.



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It will depend on what level of achievement you are going for, so Andrew has some solid advice. Posting this exact same question in the Hurt Locker should get you a lot more feedback.<br><br>

With that said...her are some thoughts from me...<br><br>

The left thigh is missing the notch.<br><br>

Cover strips should not be sqaured off, the corners should be clipped, creating 45 degree edges, by about 1.5mm.<br><br>

Bucket is missing the mic tips and s-trim.<br><br>

Back plate should not overlap the kidney plate.<br><br>

The rivets on the left side of your kidney/ab junction appear to be too big.<br><br>

The largest box on the ab plate should have the "washer" in the lower right corner.<br><br>

Your compression top is bunching at the elbows. Could just be how you put it on, or the size may be too big.<br><br>

Good luck with your journey!

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