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Force Awakens Heavy Gunner cannon build

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Clint, one question: earlier in this build thread you were mentioning that you had to scale the 3d prints about + or - 20%. Are your listed files in the correct size now, or do they still need to be scaled afterwards?

Thanks...I can't wait to start to build this First Order Godzilla. :56pullhair:


Edit: a Chris Hale vest is coming to the Netherlands, yeehaa!

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Hey Pascal!


I'm pretty sure I scaled them before printing because I didn't have my printer guy do any modifications. They should be good to go. It has been a long time so I'm a little fuzzy on it, but I think so.


The rest of the gun was a total hack job so I'll be curious to see your approach! Maybe between the two of us it will leave better direction to manufacture parts for this. 

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It's been a while since I posted - and this is a very underwhelming post at that - but I did a little "upgrade" to the cannon this weekend by adding Torx screws based on what I saw in the Visual Dictionary. I think it adds a little sense of realism to the thing. Can't wait to tote it around PCC next week!



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