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My transport bin

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I think you would be safe with a quality acrylic spray paint, Richard.   I definitely recommend sanding it down first with 80 grit and then 120 grit paper or sanding sponges.  After that, clean it really well, let it dry completely, and then use a primer specially made for plastic, like Krylon.  You can use blue painter's tape to mask off any areas you don't want painted, and then apply several thin coats of the desired color, letting it dry thoroughly between each one, (important).

You may want to use a razor knife to cut the edges of the blue tape before peeling it off, as it can sometimes bond with the paint overspray, causing the paint to peel off with the tape.  I would also highly suggest letting the paint "cure" for a few days before using the bin.  Hope this helps, and looking forward to the photos of your finished product!

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I just got my box this week, I want to paint it too. What kind of paint should I use? And primer first?

Don't forget to let it dry outside or the paint odor will be very strong. I painted mine and waited 2 DAYS outside before trooping but when I was driving the odor was still strong and felt kinda loopy. It lasted bout a week until it was dry.


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White, it's a TK box after all. I really like yours, and want to do it in a similar way but with a little more black. I want to keep the "grooves" on the sides of the box black for instance. Actually, when I look at it, I want to do almost the same as Tango did in the OP but with the colours switched :)


I finished the internal padding yesterday, and will buy the primer paint today or tomorrow. I have a troop this Saturday and then the next one 2 weeks after that, so I want to do the painting in between. I'll post a WIP here when I start the sanding and tape masking.

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Richard,  for the paint, make sure it says specifically on the label that it is designed for use on plastic.  Most all paints and primers will cover plastic, but those designed for it will really take hold and not flake off.
In my squad, we have a couple Troopers and a Fett who use the small 23-Gallon Sterilite bin with wheels and everything fit, including their buckets. I saw these at Wally World while back-to-school shopping. I'm leaning towards the gray, just to be a little different.

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