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Holden and Disney Australia join forces


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Holden Racing Star Wars Collaboration


September 21st 2015 Melbourne Australia


The force will be with three-time Bathurst 1000 champion Garth Tander at Mount Panorama this year with Holden Racing Team Commodore V8 Supercar to be decked out in Star Wars: The Force Awakens livery.


As part of a sponsorship deal between Holden and The Walt Disney Company, Tander's #2 HRT VF Commodore race car which he will share with co-driver Warren Luff will feature Kylo Ren wielding a lightsaber on one side and a stormtrooper on the other.


Troopers from the Knightfall squad had been organised to attend the special announcement, all details had been kept quiet until the day.



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And this is the follow up of the Bathurst 1000 race that debuted the cars just this weekend past. We had the same 8 TKs that were at the launch. There hasn't been an official troop report yet, and there should be TV footage when we marched down the start strait, but I'll just share a few photos for now cos Im fresh of the plane from the race. Hope you don't mind adding to the thread Q. 




Guarding the racing simulators. Pity we don't have any EP7 troopers in Australia....(hint hint)




A lot of guarding....






When we invaded the 




Driver signings and grid girls....






Pit duty!




They took us to the top of 'redneck' mountain...it was slightly...err.....redneck. Notice they had to get two burly security guards to flank us so we didn't get mobbed by the drunktards...



Cheeky podium shots...



And Amro...our boss and only wrangler for 8 TKs and 4 full days of trooping. Thats why he's our commanding officer. 



More to come when I find some decent quality videos and a proper troop report is done. :)

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PS. There were two star wars cars in the team. One was a First Order Car and the other was a Rebel Alliance (?) car. Bad guys had a TK on one side and Kylo on the other. The good guys had Poe and Chewy. For your info, the dark side got on the podium in 3rd and the light side failed to make the top 10....;)













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Nice work guys, I only came up for Sunday but it was a good day.


I can tell you from where I was(directly across from the 888 garages on pit straight) there was plenty of TK love.

One quote was... "WOW, Those stormtroopers look so real..." and general admiration otherwise.


Well done  :duim:

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We weren't sure what to expect and how the crowd would receive us. But our presence was really loved from the reports we were getting and it looked like nearly everyone appreciated us being there. Everyone from kids to adults genuinely loved seeing us around and interacting and surprisingly all 8 TKs  made it through the weekend without any incidents whatsoever. A few minor armour maintenance issues and some modifications for comfort on on of the nights for a few, but thats it. No lost blasters, stolen TDs or armour pieces falling off and going missing. The only damage to any of our kit was that a couple of our armour boxes were superficially damaged while being freighted to the event. Almost negligible really. 

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