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TK Commander ANH conversion

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I've looked at the thread for the commander and have seen that many people have started this project, but not seeing any final result.


Is it possible to do get a lvl 1 - 501st certified Commander with simple conversions?


thanks :D

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The helmet is exactly what you need, however my understanding is that you could not even get to the basic certification using this armor without some major conversions.  You would need to cut the return edges off all of your chest, ab, back, kidney and posterior armor off and then use a flexible U shaped gasket around all of the edges.  You will need to fuse the posterior armor to the kidney plate. And you would need to somehow get rid of the rivets that hold the crotch together.  You would need to drill out the rivets on the crotch and replace them with an internal snap plate and fill the hole with plastic paste.  And you need a 5 button strip in lieu of the 4 button strip.


Your detonator can not have silver paint or stickers for basic approval.


If you want to get to level two additional mods need to be made,  And you could not possibly get to Centurion with this armor as you need to use the overlap method for arms and leg armor.


Hope that helps.

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