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What is the belt made of?

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Found this on another board, posted by TE:


For the belt, here is a post from TE on another board:


Well, time for one last reveal folks.


While at the archives doing some work for LFL this last summer I was able to find some ANH stormtrooper suits they did not know they had. I was able to see the strapping, and also the belts. Cool stuff, but paper thin. It is not the .080 AA claims was used. It is .060 and not the color AA claims it was (Surprised? Me neither.)


So I can say I can tell you 100% what the belts are as I actually touched the stupid things and the archivists agreed 100% on the material...


Drum roll..... salute




So there you have it. I cannot commnet on the interior strapping, nor can I draw you a diagram and I am sorry about that. Use this info above to assist you in making your suits even better. No, it is not leather as some beleive it to be. 100% cut and stacked and sewn canvas.


Enjoy.. (Another fine bit of information brought to you by TE.. when in doubt, toss it out. Like all the AA crap)


The original belts are cut and piled and sewn. How many layers I have no clue. As far as attaching things I am sure it would be fine as long as you riveted them as per the originals were done or make it a tad bit thicker so it can handle extra weight.
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Not sure. As an alternative you can always get a canvas sleeve sewn and cover your plastic belt with it, which will at least give you that canvas look.

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