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Hand Made First Order TK

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Progress update:

I think that's it for the Master Mold! Now to let it cure and fiberglass mother mold tomorrow!




First of all let me start by saying I really love the bucket + armor you made / gathered, looks amazing!

May I also bother you with a little question (I'm working on a bucket also, and really love what you did with the casting): what silicone did you use to create that inner mould (Is it silicone?), is it brushed on, or poured on?


Thx in advance,



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Now that I've finished my armor, finally getting around to upgrading my helmet's kill stripes. Made a mold of the 3D printed pieces and cast them in Smooth-Cast 305. Then cut out the old stripes!



Glued in the new ones and sand to smooth! I think it looks pretty good!


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Looks good bud. Will these updated kill stripes be made available? And how did you go about cutting and gluing in the new stripes?

Most likely I will. Nominal fee plus shipping. I will post detailed pics once I finish my bucket upgrade.
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Now that I've upgraded my bucket decided to try my hand at something new! Matrix mold! I followed Sorenzo Prop's tutorial on Youtube. Hopefully this will resolve several of the mold imperfections I've struggled with.






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More enhancements in the works.


I made a minor tweak to the beak to pull it in just under the visor. It's very subtle, but feel it's more screen accurate. I also am trying a different mold approach as I've struggled with getting good beaks.



I have also spent some time fine sanding the visor buck. Trying to get a smoother surface to improve visibility yet retain the bubble visor look.



Looking forward to getting new parts out of these molds and see how they turn out!

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