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TK16084 - Requesting RotJ EIB Status [CFO][496]

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TK-16084 - Requesting RotJ EIB Status [CFO]


Personal Information


FISD name:       KaitoTrooper

Name:                Felix Premm

ID:                      TK-16084

Garrison:           German Garrison



Mandatory Information


Armor:                CFO

Helmet=              CFO


Blaster=             DoopyDoo's with some aluminum parts by Kai Hirt



Optional Information


Height =             182cm

Weight =             67kg


Boots =              Francouis

belt =                  CFO polyprop belt

Hand Plates =    CFO

Electronics=       Fans by DirtyBoy's Props

Neck Seal =       Darman

Holster =            Darman ROTJ style

Gloves =            Chemical Rubber Gloves




Full body front



Full body left



Full body back



Full body left



Helmet detail



Mic tips detail



Lenses detail



Helmet liner



Buttons (2 blue, 6 black)






Dropboxes closed in the back



Thermal detonator






(the electrical tape is for protecting the plastic)


Neck seal












Action shot






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Hi mate, great job. Good luck with the application :)


One point, I know your forearms have not return edges but you need a photo for your application :)

Are you sure that this isn't a requirement for Centurion? :)

I thought so, because I didn't mention the white soles and the overlapping method, too.


Sent from the shield generator on Endor

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Are you sure that this isn't a requirement for Centurion? :)

I thought so, because I didn't mention the white soles and the overlapping method, too.


Sent from the shield generator on Endor

White soles yes, needed for centurion. But overlapping construction method and the "no return edges" are requirements for EIB
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Hello Mr. Premm and thank you for your application to Expert infantry.

CRL and EIB Application Requirements

You have a small group of pictures missing from the required photo checklist. If the photo is not present but the detail can be seen elsewhere, I usually let that go or ask to post it later but there are several missing here: I need an "arms up" shot of your left and right side so I can see side detail, I need a rear shot of your helmet, I need a pic of the wrist opening of your forearm and just because I can't see it clearly, can you provide a pic of the bicep strap inside the shoulder bells, please? So far, your armor has all the correct details for EIB. I just need to see the details in those photos I asked for and we can move forward.


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly: In this section I will go over observations from your fellow troopers and myself. If these observations should lead to suggestions for corrections or adjustments, I will point out if those adjustment would affect an application and be required to change.

Typically with ANH/ESB applications, forearm return edge shots are not required for EIB. A shorter CRL can be a benefit and to combine the overlap construction with the no return edge feature seemed a no brainer to combine. Just one less thing to keep track of.

Fortunately, you have such a good build that there really isn't much to list here. Great work!


Centurion Suggestions: As much as I try to spot and point out everything, Centurion applications are much more detailed and may show something not seen here. The ultimate accuracy is the job of the trooper.


I would like to see a new body shot with a little padding under those shoulder bells. One of the defining features of the RotJ suit were the flaring shoulder bells.gallery_14191_7_49634.jpg


The next point will unfortunately require a little repair. Your pack on the lower right thigh needs to have the rivet mounting point in the upper corner of the pack. You have it in the middle on both sides. Pop rivets are ok here, they just need to be mounted properly.

I am opening myself up for a bit of schooling here. Please provide info if I am mistaken regarding this. 

Your front sight on your blaster does not look like any front sight I have seen before. Here is what I am most familiar with seeing:P2240247.jpgE11_old_01.jpggallery_12157_44_19751.jpg. There is a big difference in these compared to yours:IMG_2413_zpsjgau00io.jpg Please show me a reference photo of a blaster with your type of sight. 


Get on those photos for the EIB application so we can move you forward!!

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I've been on vacation for a few days and could not take the extra photos, my appologies.


Allright here we go:


Right arms up



Left arms up









Shoulder bells



Arms Strapping and forearms





For the blaster I have to admit, I've bought it as my first part af my armor and never really tought about it.

I'll contact Kai and ask if he has any references for this build. Otherwise I'll have to alter this part.





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Ok, Felix! Thank you for following up on those pics. I will put your EIB badge through and congratulations!!!


Thank you for your follow up plan on your blaster. Sometimes even a small detail like that sight is very important. If you plan on shooting for Centurion (which I hope you do) the rounding of the corners on the side of the kidney/butt combination is what I need to see. Please make sure this detail shows in your Application. ANH/ESB kidneys were 90 Degree angles and the ROTJ corners were different. 

Congrats again!!

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