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Mythbusters Star Wars special 2


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BLASTECH-  When you've absolutely, positively got to kill every moisture farmer in the room.  Accept no substitutes.

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Definitely going to be interesting to see, although I have a feeling as to how it SHOULD turn out, I suppose it will just be up to Jamie and Adam and their "evidence."

In light of this revelation, I think that it may be high time for me to publish my own theory that I've glossed over here a few times as existing, but never explained that I can recall.  :D  I'd prefer to do it before they publish their findings, so that I can do a comparison and see what they look at vs my theory.  

Oh well - I've got a job to do now!  

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My wife, the physicist with a focus in optics, assures me that if it was possible to produce a short burst of directional energized plasma which could maintain its coherency over a long distance it would be very difficult to aim properly with only iron sights unless you fired several rounds to "dial in" your target. So, it is not a matter of a blaster being "clumsy and random" or even "uncivilized" just really hard to get right.


I love that woman.



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