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TK 92912 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB[ATA][472]

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Name : Todd Murray

TK ID: TK92912

FISD: Devilmaan

Garrison: Great Lakes Garrison

501st Status: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18451&costumeID=124


Armor: ATA

Helmet: ATA

Blaster: Doopy Doo Kit


Height: 6'

Weight: 208lbs

Boots: Painted

Canvas Belt: TKittell

Hand Plates: Trooperbay

Electronics: IComm+Aker amp

Neck Seal: Darmen

Holster: Darmen









Right (arm raised)



Left(arm raised)



Left (detail)






Abdomen (details)



Action shot



Cod and Butt Plate



Interior Strapping





Helmet Front



Helmet Sides



Helmet Back



Hovi Detail




Lens color



Blaster Left



Blaster Right



Neck Seal



Thermal Detonator



Hoster Attachment



hand plates



ammo pack (rounded)



knee plate alignment




Thank You!

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Looks good! Only suggestions I have is looks like your left shoulder bell could come in a little bit and close up some of the gap between the back and kindey....


Good luck :duim:

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Thanks and thank you for the suggestions. I did notice that my my elastics over my shoulder bridges weren't pulled over. :-( they are there though



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Thank you!

Going to make some tighter snaps for the back/kidney piece this weekend. That gap is a tad big.



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Thanks Tony!


"For level two certification (if applicable):

•Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide."


Wouldn't this be pertaining to the side gap between the kidney and the ab plate?


I agree that the gap between the back plate and the kidney is too large.. but this is something different is it not?


Thank you, Terrell I love the Kit!

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OOPS! My bad I was referring the the kidney and back. WOW huge typo on my part.


My apologies 


Great looking armor  :jc_doublethumbup:

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Hello Todd!!! Thank you for this great looking set of ATA and a great looking application. Let's look at you!!!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required submission photos have been posted. Your armor contains all the elements required to obtain the Expert Infantry badge. Congratulations and welcome to EIB!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

Some builds and their results are just a pleasure to look at. This one is no exception. 

Brilliant work on your helmet's painted details and your blaster details. The weathering and silver added to your trigger group area really makes this pop! 

I want to bring this up because it has been a discussed issue in the past. It has to do with the proper widths of the cover strips compared to the raised ridges that are present on TE based armor like ATA. Todd nailed it here. Yes, he needed a little more room in the biceps, calves and thighs so he used the extra material made available to make them fit to his body type. Once properly fit, he capped the seams with the correct width cover strips.post-12041-0-69383600-1435532258_thumb.jpg

Some believe that the raised area, no matter how wide, should have a cover strip to match. I just could never agree with that for two reasons: #1 the size of the cover strips on the original suits. Ours should be the same unless certain circumstances require it. . #2 the raised ridges on TE based armors on the biceps, thigh and calf backs shouldn't even be there so why treat it differently because they are,

Anyway, nice job, Todd!!


Centurion Suggestion:

I try to see everything and mention what I can here. Final Centurion accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper.

I hope to see a Centurion application from you. With all the present details you have, I would be really surprised if you didn't.

Usually regarding the space between the back and kidney I comment regarding too much overlap. Rarely do I see too much gap. It sounds like you are already on this so I will wait until your next application to ring it up again.

Congratulations and nice work!! Troop on with pride!

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Thank you!!! Reading endless build threads and learning from all of the awesome people here helped me so much! Thank you very much!!!!



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