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Ukswrath's FOTK build thread

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Well the boxes have begun to arrive. So excited       Tools: Exacto knifes (large & small) Lexan Scissors http://www.amazon.com/Duratrax-Body-Scissors-Reamer-3-P

A submission photo, wishing I had a gun. Serious build tutorial update in the works.  

Submission pics  

Posted Images

Alright, I'm ready to sell the mesh fabric for the chest pill holes if anyone is interested.


Sales thread is up



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Amazing just amazing. I definitely cannot wait to see more, we await until your next full update!!




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Thanks David








haha :laugh1:  That's the response I was waiting for. 

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Just finished getting caught up on this thread and what a gut busting read at the end.


Your talent and this thread are phenomenal - thank-you for all the detail.

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Thank you all very much. Well I can't take all the cred. All these behind the scene shots have reveled a wealth of information. Had we seen these earlier there's a few other things I would have done differently that's for sure. Major props goes to those who designed this dang suit, and I'm not referring to.... well ya know lol  ;)

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Dude looks like your wearing something out of Rocky Horror Picture Show inside your armor i knew you had a weird kinky side :laugh1: people and their "hobbies" oh and does your wife know?


Are you kidding she helps me get in the thing. During one of the test fits, before the suspension was anchored to the armor, one of the back connection points popped out, my wife exclaimed "Oh honey your bra is showing" :blink:  lol 

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