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Ukswrath's FOTK build thread

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Well the boxes have begun to arrive. So excited       Tools: Exacto knifes (large & small) Lexan Scissors http://www.amazon.com/Duratrax-Body-Scissors-Reamer-3-P

A submission photo, wishing I had a gun. Serious build tutorial update in the works.  

Submission pics  

Posted Images

Painting short update. Back from the body shop OMG!!!!!


Helmet looks and feels like a professional racing helmet, hard to tell in these pics.





Chest plate with fabric. I think you'll agree the pill hole fabric is spot on. Need to do a bit of trimming on the pill hole but very satisfied so far.





Center chest with gaffers tape. Pretty close





... and chest (without greeblie). I really need a better camera to display the full beauty of this armor.



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Is the material behind the pill boxes not gaffers tape as well?


No, it's a special mesh fabric I purchased from the UK. Black gaffers tape is placed behind the fabric black side up then taped to the back of the chest.

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Just the chest. The rest I used gaffers tape IMO resembles the counter edge material the best.


BTW tomorrow there'll be a huge build update. Started adding the greeblies, decals and gaffers tape. Here's a couple pics of the semi-finished TD.



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Thermal Det - Decals & Gaffers tape install


End caps and large face plate will get the decals provided by ANOVOS, the outer edge of the left end cap will get Gaffers tape.




BTW, a guitar pic works very well for installing these decals and removing bubbles.







Installing Gaffers tape.


Take a section of gaffers tape and apply it to wax paper.





Measure original decal, 2cm. Measure cap to confirm width to cut tape.





Either wrap gaffer/wax paper assembly around tube to come up with circumference or use a fabric measuring tape. Add 1" for overlap.





Cut gaffers tape 2cm x desired length.





Peel off wax paper. Ensure area is clean. Center tape on cap, wrp tape around cap until both side overlap on the rear side of the cap.










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