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Scootch's ANH Stunt Munchkin Build

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Hi everyone!


I got my brown box on June 8th but have been running a lot of OT so didn't have the time to work on the armor yet.


Here is the unboxing on June 10th





This is my first every build of any kind. I decided to start on the bucket. Tonight I drew out the lines and decided to hold off on cutting anything because I don't want to cut something too short and can't save it later. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!







This next picture... Is the last tooth on the bottom one of the one left intact?




The two ears look very different =/ I thought they were suppose to be the same? Bottom one looks longer while the top one looks more curved. Top is for the Right ear and Bottom is for Left... I think 



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Thanks! Oh yes I panicked. It looked like a million pieces in there. I actually started pulling stuff out the day after I got the box but panicked and threw everything back in the box. Only thing I identified on the first go was the bucket lol.


It was better on the second try and some encouragement from some good folks on fb with the Southern California Garrison.


Now I hope I don't cut anything too short or the wrong place that can't be repaired.


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Nothing on any helmet is the same. Especially the ears. The bottom one is the right ear as you look at the helmet. Keep in mind, you shouild only be trimming out 4 teeth on the face. I know there are 5 tooth holes, but there were very few 5 tooth troopers. When you paint your frown, paint up to the 5th opening, leave a gap at the indent and continue the point just past it.

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Cut and trimmed. Dremmel was fun to use for the first time. 




HELP! What am I doing wrong? Why isn't it matching up? Is there a gap on the forehead section? *panic* Other builds I've looked at, their helmet don't have a gap.  :unsure:








I know the ears are not trimmed right yet but I am trying to figure out where the screws go for the ears to secure the bucket but always seem to have a gap on the forehead. It just doesn't seem to fit right.

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Figured it out! It didn't fit together because the ears were on the wrong side. 


Now I can sleep zZz Gosh that would of haunted me all night...  nightmare *shudder at the thought*




Gap closed drastically...



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After watching a few videos, my next piece I think I will go with the arms. Probably going to follow Trooperbay's order. Its my day off on Friday so I plan on working on more of my armor. I figured out the left and the right... I think. I need to trim a section off where I marked. I need some suggestion. Should I trim on the side near the wrist or the side near bicep? Also since I am cutting one side off, should I leave a little lip on the other end or slice it clean like how Trooperbay did in Part 2?





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Arms and Helmet done except for teeth and painting. Now I am scared of trimming the arms a little shorter because newbie mistake #1 I trimmed both shin pieces too narrow :(













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I am starting to realize that nothing on this armor is mirrored! Watching Trooperbay build... why does his look mirrored. Two on Left for left bicep and Right for right bicep?




Thank you Scootch! He marked the left and right thigh portion... Questions The thigh pieces are too long for me. I heard you trim bottom but if I do than I will lose the detailing... Where should I trim?




OH! Did I finally find two pieces that look mirrored to each other or is this a trick...?




3 Hours trimming under 98 degree heat in steaming Tatooine... I mean SoCal I am done with the next few pieces. Time to start trimming short, put it together and sand.



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If you need to trim the thighs to fit, the trimming needs to happen at the top. For the bottoms, you can notch the back for mobility, but don't trim off the ridges on the sides and fronts.

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Back from my tropical humid vacation in Cambodia! Started to build again today. 2.5 hours went so quickly


Teeth are out! Finished the bucket other than to paint.




Trimmed arm pieces to fit.









Left fit perfect except for when bending. It keeps pushing up against my palm.




Right side have the same cut but seem to be a lot larger in circumference. The gap is huge! About 1+ inch between my arm and the armor is this correct? Left side fit perfect just needing a little padding.



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For the biceps, the inner bicep piece with the "V" shaped edge is the left one. I'm putting together a Scootch kit too right now. This will be the 3rd one I've build from his armor. 

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Oh so I had it flipped. You mean the forearm right? I'll have to try it one when I get home.


The biceps, I noticed the left side when I was trimming couple weeks ago is a lot narrower too.


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3 more hours added into my build along with 2 from last night.


Arms are almost done.


I went the none traditional route for glue. E6000 takes forever to dry and I can't stand the smell. Found out Zap-a-Gap is banned from being sold in California *wave fist* Raided my dad's workshop and found Clear PVC Cement. He was afraid it won't stick and I was the opposite afraid it was going to stick too good and destroy my armor. It works about the same as Zap-a-Gap setting in a few seconds and within minutes its hard as a rock.




Left forearm... right side still drying in workshop






Left Biceps Trimmed to fit... Feeling a little self conscious right about now. That thing look small. My armor is going to be one heck of a short armor.






Gluing commence tomorrow! :)

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Been trimming and gluing all weekend. I guess I can say I am almost or at the half way poinnt. Shin, Forearm, Bicep, Hand guard and Shoulder done.















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Wow I totally forgot about this thread. I should finish it off... After my last post, I took off like a headless chicken and hardly took pictures of the build. I got approved on 10/30 and got my TK ID on 11/1. Here's what I have and pictures from my first troop this past Monday for the Battlefield Launch


Clean Walmart and Joann out of this type of fabric. Oops sorry :P Made a set for another legion member to line his bin and protect his armor.





Painting suck! Third attempt a charm and had some great tips from a pro painter from SCG






No spray can here... Paint mixing and compressor spray.






I cheat... :D Car polisher to polish armor Haha!




Shiny :P




Sewed my own canvas belt (No prior experience... just bought a sewing machine)












Tiered Padded Bin (Bottom layer) Top layer fully assembled torso piece just need to slip in ;)




Bags! I learned so much during this build... Power tools, sanding, painting and now sewing.






Endless repair and modding... Knee plate keep grid locking me in. *hobble like C3PO* Now I need to find out how to secure thigh so they don't slip in the back




Work asked me to go in with the armor.




Battlefront Launch 1st troop... Shortie on the right (1st picture) Middle (2nd center with a tilted head)  :P





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