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Arienh's TD build

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Looks great guys! I'd recommend painting the inside of the helmet black if you haven't done so. You can just paint brush it in to make it easy. 

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Cheers for that Barcode. I don't think Arienh had given any thought to that as yet.


**Deep breath**
OK, this will probably become a few posts in a row (due to all the pics). I do apologise, but at the same time, they have to be posted, this is a build thread after all. ;)
A quick rewind before I get into the crux of the next few posts...
Once the painting on the bucket had been done, the last thing to do was the outlining. Well that is now done as well...
With that done, Arienh now has a quite nice looking Stunt TK bucket. Pity that isn't what it will end up staying as.
Friday just passed saw a major step in the TD build process (major for us anyway). This is the beginning of the build end. We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yay!!
The Weathering has begun. We have researched this and read a lot and watched many videos. In the end we decided to use Pandatroopers technique (as we did on our Gonk). Watching the video's and 'watching' the videos are two different things, especially when it comes to me, apparently. Anyway... The video lists Burnt Umber, an earth tone (We went with Burnt Sienna) and a light gray (which in the video looks very yellow), so we went with yellow Oxide.
Well... Guess what... The Burnt Umber we used was.... A LOT darker than the Umber in the video... This was realised soon after we started... but we stuck with it and hoped it would make a good shading colour to the 2nd weathering coat.
Here is what happened with the Burnt Umber...
Weathering Begins!! The Burnt Umber looked very dark, but on the video it was stated that it would lighten as it dried:
We weren't too sure, but hey we're n00bs, who are we to argue with someone who paints armours on commision?:
We kept going with the Burnt Umber as our first Weathering coat. The darkenss was a little disturbing... but it became more disturbing as it dried, I swear it turned BLACK!!
Chest, Abs and Cod:
Back armour parts:
Bucket after excess was removed:
Boots, Pauldron, etc:
At this point we figured we had gone beyond saving anything... but we figured we would stick with it and see how we go. See if we can salvage anything from this...
**Fingers crossed**
This is what we were planning our salvage attempts on. 1 part Burnt Sienna to 2 parts Yellow Oxide mix (Read 1 tube of Sienna to 2 tubes of Oxide):
Let the salvage operation begin!:
Straight away, our heart rates lowered and we both had smiles on our faces. I think we will be fine (at least I hope so) ;) .
Second Coat of Weathering...
Hand Guards:
Belt Ammo Pouches:
Belt Pouch:
Pauldron (which has since been re-touched):
Canvas belt (was wet at time of pic - looks much better dry):
Shins. Arienh and I noticed 2 areas we weren't happy with. There's 5 pics all up. Problem areas are fixed in the 5th pic:
Problem areas fixed:
Thighs. Apologies for the shakiness of the last pic:
At this point, I asked Baytrooper for his thoughts, and he noticed something and pointed it out to us. thanks to him, there is no longer a very pronounced straight line of weathering on the back of this thigh:
At this point, our son surprised us with dinner. Mmmm Prawn Marsala. Better not get these mixed up, could end up being more than a little interesting. LOL:
After dinner, we got the arms started:
Unfortunately, we got no progress shots of the arm sections as they went by rather quickly and easily. By this time, Arienh was tired and had real life things to do, so we stopped for the night. After cleanup, I took a couple of quick pics of the days work...
So... we have the body armour sections and bucket left to do. Arienh goes back to work tomorrow, so the plan is to try and get a single piece of armour done each day before her shifts, and then hit what's left on her next days off. We'll see how that goes however. ;)
Please, please... Let us know your thoughts, tear strips of us if something is wrong, throw ideas at us... whatever. It all helps.

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I asked Arienh before I dropped her at work, if she would mind if I attempted to weather part of the remaining armour pieces without her watching over me (her armour, her final detailing - read above statement). She 'gave me permission' to paint the Butt and Kidney plates. She probably figured I couldn't possibly stuff them up. LOL. And anyway, the canvas belt would wear off anything I did to the Kidney plate.


I just hope she's happy with what I ended up with:






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Looking dirty guys, great job so far. Hoping you can make it down to Brisvegas for Comicon so we can see it in the flesh.



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Very cool Phillip. Good luck with your Deployed submission. 



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Firstly, Thank you for all the kind words and help/feedback.


So much more has been done on this armour since my last post (stupid internet hosting problems)...


I'll try to get everything posted up...


The last 'visual' part for Arienh's TD arrived today. More work for me, to try and have it ready by 'approval pic day'... But I'll see how I go. I've never worked with Resin before, so any help at all will be immensely appreciated.
Another item, another new set of skills I'm going to have to learn:
I might start doing some cleaning up of the parts later tonight, snipping here, slicing there, but nothing too major. I'll post pics of the contents a little later this evening. I got me some armour painting to do first.
We are having a great time doing this TD. We just hope we are doing good enough is all.
With that being said, I got the rest of the armour parts weathered tonight. As long as Arienh is happy with them, then all she will need to do is her Bucket (I'm ot doing that... way too important). With the Bucket done, her TD will be COMPLETED!! (Apart from sound, and gun). I'll find out if I'm her hero or villain at 11pm tonight.
Right through this weathering we have tried to go with the idea of grading the dirt level. Dirtiest at ground level up to cleanest at bucket, but trying to keep certain areas dirty in a realistic way (around Abs details and especially inside the O I I section of the backplate).
Hopefully these look 'right'.
Backplate with other rear armour pieces:
Chest and Abs sections:


Contents of the White Box. 1x DLT-19 Kit:
This scares the Bantha out of me... I have no idea what I'm doing with this big chunk of resin. Of course, FISD and MEPD are both down atm, sigh. Meh... how hard can it be?
I have begun work on the DLT. **** that thing is/was sticky. 3 baths later and most of it is gone. I've been assured that after sanding etc and handling 99.9% of the stickyness will go. Here's hoping.
Todays jobs consist of sanding back where the barrel meets the stock, and then lots of drilling. I'm extremely worried about this as I can't drill straight to save myself, and I don't have 'tools' to help with such (Drill press). Also, all the sanding is going to have to be hand sanding, I don't have access to a belt sander (which would help immensely with sanding down the stock.barrel joining area). Ah well,,, many hours of sanding ahead, and scary drilling I guess. LOL
Away from the gun, and the reason for this post. After some expert help a few things have been redone slightly. The Thighs and shins were looking 'linear' as far as the weathering was concerned, so I have added some more weathering (hopefully in a natural looking way) to try and break up the 'up and down' look of the leg sections.
Thighs and Shins Redo:
And, Arienh finished the weathering on the bucket today, so the outfit is effectively COMPLETE!!!! We have 2 or 3 minor things to do and later today I'll get some pics of her armoured up and we'll see how it all looks.
Bucket from TK to TD:
So, things left to do...
Seal everything with 'weather proof' (yeah right) hairspray.
Remove paper from over eyes.
Add mesh and mics to bucket.
A couple of 'behind the scene' fixes (Shins and boot tongues, a little padding here and there, that sorta stuff).
Continue work on DLT.
**take some suited up pics (not approval pics) to see how it all looks together.**

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I wasn't able to get to the DLT today as a certain TD costume and costumer took up all my time. But... I believe (minus voice and weapon) that the build is... *drumroll*... COMPLETE!!!!


Here are some pics we quickly snapped late this afternoon. No they aren't meant to be all artsy... we just lucked out and captured a few pics in the last rays of the daylight (nice orangey hew to some pics).


So, are we? Are completed? (fingers crossed) wink.gif .


One happy little costumer:



Sandy test pics:









Showing movement position of the sniper plate (kinda):



The boots may look 'funny', but this pic shows the boot creased, which shows the weathering is in fact in the deep parts of the creases:



The following are meant to be head shots...


The Sandtrooper's Thousand Parsec Stare (LOL):





Why so sad?:



Not sure if happy or angry:



So there we go. Everything done and sealed. Ready for approval pics. I just want to get this DLT done in time now. Depending on feedback, Approval pics will be getting organised on the 5th and/or 6th of Sept.

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Ha... You all thought this thread was done and would disappear into the Redbacks ether... Well, not yet. Sorry. wink.gif


Managed to get some work done on Arienh's DLT-19 today.


Have done some minor trimming and cleaning up (still lots to do), but went ahead and decided to try and not stuff up the drilling of the barrel holes on the muzzle flash and stock. Also drilled out the bolt area to hold it all together and purchased (and cut to size) a Nut'n'bolt.


Still a little sticky to the touch, but nothing compared to the other day. Pardon the mess on the table, we had just brought everything inside and lost the days light when these pics were taken:



Cut away the resin nut head and bolt and drilled it out and put in a real one to hold the gun together:





Look! I got all my drilling 'straight', and the gun lines up and actually looks straight from end to the other. I'm quite happy with myself at this point (not to mention incredibly surprised):



Next step... drill, drill, drill... any and all places there are holes.

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Hey everyone;


Just a quick post this time.


DLT-19 just completed. The paint is extremely soft atm. Hopefully the time before we leave tomorrow for Brissy + the drive down and the time between tomorrow and Saturday, will give the paint and clear coats a chance to cure.


Not a great overall job. But I thinks it's good enough to troop with:



That's it. 170 pics later, it's done (for now). Approval pics this Saturday, and upload them Sunday night then send through the email. Then wait nervously for however long, hoping and praying that Arienh gets approved in time for OzComicCon.


Oh, also me in my new TR (If my possessed bucket will give poor Cyclops a break for once).


I'll post the approval pics in this thread once they have been sent off to those who count.

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Well, Arienh and I are home from Brisbane (5hr+ drive). My eyes are basically falling out of my head, and Arienh is in no better state, but we have sorted through photo's picked out the best ones and emailed them off. Now we wait for the outcome....


Here are the pics we posted for Arienh.


Bucket Off:



Bucket On:



Facing Right:



Facing Left:






Action Shot 01:



Action Shot 02:



Fingers crossed all goes well.

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