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E-11 Blaster 3D Printed Parts

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This thread will be used for documenting my progress on drawing and printing 3D parts for E-11 Blasters. I will post photos and links to download the .stl files.


I own a Printrbot Simple 1401 3D printer. I am printing the parts and including photos of them.


3D Printer printing scope body. (Turn head 90 degrees to the right to see photo.)



I own a demilled Sterling L2A3 and M38A2 scope which I am using to draw the parts in Solidworks. I am trying to make them as dimensionally correct as possible.


I am creating Scale (1.5" OD Pipe) and 1.25" PVC pipe versions where needed.


Parts finished: Nose, M38 Scope, Rear Sight, Rear Cap Locking Clip and Folding Stock Mounting.


Real M38A2 and 3D printed scope. The scope is hollow and you an see thru it. The scopes are the same size. This photo makes the 3D printed one look smaller. The scope is in 5 parts and has alignment pins to help in gluing them together.



Scale 3D printed Nose, Real Sterling Nose, 3D printed nose scaled for 1.25" PVC pipe.



Rear Sight



Rear cap locking clip and folding stock pivot/mounting. The locking clip is in 2 pieces and functional.



I will add more photos and links to the 3D files when I complete them.



Link to .stl files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:868160


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I've finished designing my version of the TFA blaster lately and you're giving ideas! 


Very nice work so far. Having the real parts to refer to will definitely help you a lot and make amazing results. Good luck!


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LOVE 3D printing! It's one of the best things to happen to the DIY prop hobby. I do the same myself for projects of my own. I don't own a printer but access to one at work. These are some parts I made for the interior components of a build




It is going to be awesome to see one with the details 3D printed! The scope looks really cool. Keep it up!

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I have completed more parts:

     Rear Cap, Ring Holder and insert.

     Magwell, Catch, Ejector, Magazine Release Button

     Charging Handle

     Flash Hider

     Bayonet Lug and mounting pin

     Front and Rear Barrel Support Rings


I will add photos later.

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Yes I am still working on it. Currently working on a Heiland flash conversion to make a ANH Vader Saber. Just need to finish the clamp and I'll be done with it. I used a drawing of the original T-Track and have made a 3d model of it to use for the grips. These can be used for the blaster as well I just need to lengthen them to fit.


I have completed the Hengstler counter and front sight assembly. I have not posted these to the Thingiverse page. The parts I need to finish are the trigger group, hand grip and folding stock.

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Nice work! I was wondering if you would consider putting spare parts available for those that unfortunately break or drop any of they blasters.



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