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Noisy Armor

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I'm still a newbie so this may sound really dumb.  


I've been sizing and testing out my armor and it seems noisy as I walk around.  It's not a groaning of seams as much as it is a rattle of free floating parts.  Shoulders on biceps, boxes on thighs, etc.  Is this normal?  


There's a part of me that wants to modify the armor into stealth mode with little bits of white felt hidden in the noisy areas.  

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Todd, I don't know if you have anything like this in the US, but it works a charm for quietening down rattling plastic. I run a strip around the inside of my breastplate (so that there is no contact between my breastplate and my Ab plate). I also run a strip around the inside of the bottom edge of my shoulder bells. I lubricate them with a bit of talcum powder so there is no binding between plastic and foam.



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