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Best way to attatch shin armor to boots? Help appreciated! :)

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Just about ready to submit pics and found another issue I need to address. The Chelsea boots I purchased only go up into the shin guard about an inch, when walking the boots will pull right out and the shin will sit on top the boot. Not cool. The only reference I have seen on this is one guy put a snap in the top front of the boot, and inside the lower front of the shin.

My concern with that is I could see the snap popping out pretty easy with the action of the foot. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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I place a 1"x1" patch of industrial velcro on the front of my boots and inside the front of my shins. I never have a problem.

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How about sewing in some white Velcro on the inside of the webbing in the boot and then making a strap to Velcro attached to the inside of the shin?


Should be invisible on the webbing of the boot and you won't have to run anything under your foot.


Just a thought :)

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