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Male snap on Ab plate

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It connects the ab to the kidney via elastic glued to the inside of the kidney, and snapped to the inside of the ab.   :duim:

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This is one I have always wondered about, Karin.  I could never quite figured out what it's actual use is, (or was), since it's on the outside.    Would be interesting to learn, though, if anyone knows it's origin.

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The CRL is referring to a snap that goes on the top right of the ab section.  This image is on the site here, the stormtrooper on the left you can see the snap present right near his arm.  That snap has a piece of elastic to the kidney.  That is the one that you must be able to see.

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Most people are using the incorrect larger size to hold the belt on.


here is the breakdown for the parts I use on the AB section of the armor


  • 3 Split Rivets with 1" elastic and washers on the left side.
  • 1 split Rivet holding the cod strap, with a jeans style female snap.
  • 2 jeans style snaps for holding the belt onto the front of the AB.
  • 1 larger size snap facing inwards on the upper right side, for attaching the kidney to the AB.

The kidney plate:

  • 3 split Rivets and washers for connection to the left side of the AB.
  • 2 jeans style studs for connection at the cod.
  • one strap glued to the inside of the upper right, for attachment to the AB. with female larger snap.
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