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TK-JR: Astyanax's Foamtrooper Kids Armor Project


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On 5/9/2015 at 5:44 PM, Astyanax said:

Hey all!


So while I wait for my first armor to come from Anovos later this year, I've decided to spend some of the waiting time immersing myself in stormtrooper armor. To that end, I'll be building a set of TK armor for my very jealous almost-8-year-old boy in an attempt to familiarize myself with the various parts, study hanging/strapping/attachment techniques, get a good sense of fitting, and give my little guy something cool..


I scoured the internet for previous craft foam stormtrooper work, and while I found many good examples, what was missing each time were PATTERNS. I know every kid is different, but being able to have patterns is a big deal! So I WILL BE POSTING FULL SIZE TEMPLATES for each piece I make, so that anyone who wants to follow along or improve upon this build can do so.


Before I begin, I want to list the following sources as inspiration. I have ripped off all the best ideas extensively from these pages:



TK-409's Child-Sized Stormtrooper Tutorial: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=14408

TK-409's Child-Sized Stormtrooper Tutorial (details & pics): http://www.tk409.com/tk409.html

Garrison Titan's latest (unofficial) addition to the TK ranks: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/7316-garrison-titans-latest-unofficial-addition-to-the-tk-ranks/?p=92859#entry92859

theisaac's Kid's Foam Trooper Build: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22941-kids-foam-trooper-build/

Omaha Jedi's Foam Trooper: http://www.omahajedi.com/foamtrooper_ii.htm

hirerob's Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Kids-Stormtrooper-Costume/




My thanks go to all who came before!





EDIT: In my efforts to achieve more accuracy with this design, it has become clear that my child will not be able to sit down in this costume! He can't bend over, stoop, crouch, or run. Walking is a little slow. He understands this is more for standing around, looking cool, photo ops, etc. Like a real trooper. Not for playtime! Maybe I'll pick up a Rubie's for that...To make it more comfortable for your child, use slightly smaller pieces and longer straps. I was going for as much accuracy as I could, but there have to be tradeoffs.


So let me kick things off by catching everyone up on current progress...



Looks awesome! The Instructables post is mine. I think I did that in 2009, long before I was aware of the 501st and getting armor for myself. I’ve just finished my Anovos ANH stunt TK and looking forward to submitting soon. Thanks for including a link to my post. I originally did not post templates but someone else added some a couple years ago but maybe they deleted the links. Anyway, good luck with your kit when you get it. Cheers, Rob


wow just realized the original post was from 4 years ago. Oops.

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