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TK-24666 Induction Troop at Legoland Windsor 4th May

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I'm very glad to say that I have now done my first official troop and what a day to do it on! It was just simply AWESOME. Luckily the weather held up for us while on the park for the day, so no need for the swim wear (this time). There were 3 of us newbies on the Monday, including another TK.


We started the day doing some spotting for the guys on the park, learning the ropes as we went on. I couldn't wait to get myself into my armour. After lunch we got kitted up and were branded with our UKG decals by our guests from the Malaysian Garrison who trooped alongside us for the day. It was an honour. My ROM/FX also arrived on the Saturday, so I didn't end up going the silent trooper. Took some time to find my voice out there though, but I eventually did and boy was it fun :lol:. I felt like a celebrity the entire time, you couldn't go a few feet without being asked for pictures. The Star Wars soundtrack playing throughout the park the whole day only added to the magic of the day. It was fantastic.


I couldn't stop smiling the whole time (even in the photos :laugh1:).



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