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Fan Made TK7 Gloves


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Interested in 2 Pair: 1-M & 1-S


(I'll double check our size later... but if they are gonna run the same size as the ones we received which were too big... I had to leave behind my usual Large and wear my wife's Medium, and she had to order Small)



 - Berbs

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1 pair of L-size gloves and 1 pair of size 10 U.S. Boots please.


PM sent :)





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Francois, are you saying these are ready to order or are you saying they will be soon? I haven't found the thread on the Ongoing Sales section you refer to.



The Beta group has sent its feedback and I am making the final touch on the gloves.

I am going to show you this in couple of hours from now...and I open the thread for sale   :)


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I was lucky enough to be in the beta feedback group and here are my thoughts:



They arrive safe and sound, well packaged. This is not some fly by night cosplay operation, and it is very clear that quality and customer experience are taken seriously.




They are high quality and I did not see any defects in the craftsmanship. The leather is supple and clean.



You can see more details here:



What I like is that there is a longer piece that extends up the arm and over the wrist, which is comfortable and there is great flexibility at the wrist point



The only thing left is to glue on the hand plate



They are superior to the found items in that you don't have to pick out any stitching, the palm pattern is there and best of all they both fit well and are breathable.


These are a must have for any TFA, and I commend Francois for not selling any until these were ready to go. This is what - version 5 or 6?


Great job!

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My pay pal keeps yelling at me that it has money in it.  Please take it from me soon. 


Well that's ironic, my Paypal is yelling at me that it needs your money. Maybe we can work something out  :laugh1:

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