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Another poorboy dlt.....build a blaster content

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After considering my options for a dlt 19 to use with my tk, and hwt conversion one day, i decided to go the cheapest route possible to venture into my options.


I took what i have learned from the hasbro e11 dlt 19 conversion, TKEdt, and also the DLT-19 advanced weaponry subtopic, and implemented my own mods to what i call the ultimate poorboy dlt 19.


So here it goes.


Using the "build a blaster" as my basis for design, i gathered some couplings and some 1-1/4" pvc to begin assembly.

Heres some test fitting



Here i am messing with different lengths of pipe for the main barrels. In the hasbro conversion, i felt that the 10" in the back, and 6" in the front lead to an overall length that was just too noticeably small. So, i swapped the back end for 14.5"(instead of 10"), and in this pic the front was about 8".



I didn't like how the front was fit, so i went ahead and swapped it back out for the 6" length. I also went ahead and added a little detail for this fitting, using painters tape to secure any loose ends, just for the sake of test fitting(i want my overall length to replicate the advanced weaponry length as close as possible, while keeping the components as proportionate as possible as well). Also, i extended the butt stock connection slightly, using 1-1/2" pvc cut to match the build a blaster connection to the stock as close as possible as well. I do not want to use bondo at this time, mainly because I don't have it handy, and as this build isn't 100% accurate to begin with, I didn't want to exceed my $40 budget on this build, as this is just an option for fun more than accuracy.


So heres the new fittings. I machined down the coupling connection the 14.5" pvc to the 6" pvc both at the OD and length using a CNC lathe(perks of being a machinist), and i also went ahead and connected the flash suppressor(used an Equate brand mouthwash cap for the end, along with a 1/2 slip on/1/2 threaded coupling and a threaded reducer) so that i can get a more accurate over all length.


Not exactly to length of the advanced weaponry references of the mg34 measurements, but as i stated before, this blaster needs to look proportionate more than 100% accurate. I used closetmaids 12" shelf support brackets to create a fake, and non functional, bipod as well.



Here i have used an old and broken TK ammo belt rectangle to create a cover



And here, i found an old handle from a drill press(from work that is no longer needed or used at all), as my handle



I also have carved the 3 sights out of wood, also will be non functional, and made out of scrap wood i had laying around, which will be attached once i get the vent holes drilled throughout the pipe, and have everything else sitting nice and pretty.


Ive stressed it before, and i will stress it again...i know this is not the absolute most accurate build/mod ever, but it will be troopable and will be close enough for my purposes when it is completed.


Always open to criticism, questions, and/or concerns with this and any project i endeavor, so shoot away if you must :)

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man I wish I had the patience to do tutorials. Most times in my builds I try so many things that its hard to keep the pace with pictures.  I get a tunnel vision and its hard to shift from that. Seems like this baby is going to turn out great!

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Thanks Ed! Im hoping so! Still figuring out the front and rear sights. I have the base cut out of wood, i just have to shape them and determine where to attach them. Probably hold off on them until i get the bipod installed and holes drilled out at least, i may recut the butt stock extension as well to sit better on the build a blaster.


Anyways, heres the full length picture of where i am at right now


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How about an update!


Life has gotten in the way of any progress on my build, but i finally found a little time!


So, here is my pvc stock extension for my stock. Down the road ill just carve one out of wood, but this will do the job for now. Remember, this is more of a troopable weapon than it is a screen accurate replica(i dont have the funds for one of those just yet)



Using the templates provided, i drilled pilot holes for the vent holes.



And, here are the results before cleanup.




Will begin cleanup after dinner!

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Small update. Barrel is glued now, vent holes cleaned up, middle sight installed. Need to pick up some t track material today before i can go any further.


Also have my bipod assembled, still gotta figure out attachment for it too.


Everything is sanded, ready for the finishing touches and paint soon!



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My dlt 19 should be finished up this werkenD.


Work and family life, along with serving the Empire and building another costume have taken me away from this temporarily.


Ill get some pictures taken tonight and show yall where im at now

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There will be once i take photos lol. I was able to modify the electronics after the barrel was glued on using some tin foil and kwiksteel. Ill try to get pictures up by the end of the weekend. I plan on finally trooping with it tomorrow!

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