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TK-24218 Requesting ANH-Stunt Centurion Status[AM][159]

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Well well well! Here we are! After months of gathering the required components to push my armor towards Centurion, THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE! During my initial build, my ultimate goal was Centurion, and it was built accordingly. Things i needed to take care of before application includes changing my chest and back to a more screen accurate set, get rubber or latex handguards glued onto a pair of rubber chemical gloves, and replace my Hasbro conversion E-11 with a more accurate one. So, without further adue, away we go!



Mandatory Information

  • Height = 5'10
  • Weight = 185 lbs.
  • Boots = TK Boots
  • Canvas belt = TKittell
  • Hand Plates = Sonnenschein "Authentic Line Handguards"(purchased off of local Garrison mate)
  • Electronics= Aker 1506 with ptt, self made dual 12v helmet fans
  • Neck Seal = Darman
  • Holster = Darman
  • Thigh Garter=Pencap510's Thigh Garter System
Bucket off Bad Hair Day



Full Body Front



Full Body Back



Full Right



Full Left



Right Side Detail



Left Side Detail






Kidney Notch




White Elastic Shoulder Connection



Shoulder Back Bridge




Interior Strapping



Wrist Edges





Ab Detail



Thigh Pack Attachment




Sniper Knee Attachment




Drop Box Back



Crotch/Butt Detail




Helmet Detail











Hovi Tip Detail



Lens Color






Ammo Belt



Neck Seal



Blaster Left Side



Blaster Right Side



Blaster D ring



Thermal Detonator




Action Shot




Showing off my new FISD Racing Shirt!





Thank you for you consideration!



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Looks fantastic.

Not that I think it will have a bearing on your application, but you could just bring those drop boxes up, until they virtually touch the bottom of the ammo belt, can't see anything else, now the Det screws are black.


Good luck with your application.



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Ive been meaning to color those screws black, just kept getting distracted and putting it off :)


Thank you for your critiques and words of support!

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Hey Andrew!  You made it finally!  Its amazing how much better everything looks with the updated chest and back.  The old AM chest and back just never right to me.  I'm sure you won't have any problem.  You built your armor to perfection.  I bet you must be totally thrilled with the new outcome.  Like Sly said, the only thing I noticed which I don't even know if it will be a huge deal is raising up your dropboxes.


Great job man.... 

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Thanks guys! Awaiting Gazmosis' review is on par with awaiting for approval :)


Its a truly exciting time and i absolutely love everyones critisism and comments! Troopers helping troopers!

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ANDREW!!!! Thank you for your Centurion application! Having shared most of your upgrades with me, I knew this day was coming soon. Let's look at your final product!

CRL and Centurion Application Requirements:

All required photos have been posted. The original AM back and chest were replaced by upgraded accurate parts received through AM. With this upgrade, your blaster upgrade and your rubber glove/flexible handplate upgrade, your armor now contains all necessary requirements to meet Centurion. Congratulations on the well earned badge!!


Other Armor Fit/Assembly:

Your build is outstanding. Tight seams, clean lines make the difference. I like that you went with the upgraded shoulders, too! The black on the thermal detonator clip screws are a great detail. 

I know there was mention of your drop box straps and the minimal gap you have is just about the limit to what I would allow. 

I would consider knocking back the overlap on your canvas belt. You have what looks to be 14 inches of overlap which is WAY overkill. The max you need is the width of the square molded section on your kidney and butt. There is more than enough to be secure and the overlap is hidden by the thermal detonator.

I would put it in your schedule to knock back the return edge on the sides of your new back plate. Although perhaps it's a bit enthusiastic in this pic:post-12041-0-19805900-1427297304_thumb.jpg and doesn;t need to be brought down THAT far, yours could stand a little trim. post-12041-0-20668600-1427297365_thumb.jpg.

Carry on, Trooper! You are now a brighter star in your Star Garrison!!


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Aye aye captain! Thank you so much for all your advice, comments, and knowledge!


I will get on that belt overlap right away! Its been bugging me, but since my wifes the only one that sews, ive been working according to her schedule lol. Will also take that return edge down a bit on the backplate as well!


Thank you to all the hard working troopers before me for sharing your incredible build threads! Paving the way for FISD to grow bigger everyday!



So excited!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Thank you all thank you so very much!! Upgrades aren't quite over though as always!


Going to fix that overlap on my belt, upgrade to a better holster, icomm, clean up that return edge. Just little tidbits here and there!

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Thanks Clint! Cheers!


Now i need some better pics with better lighting for a new banner lol

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Congratulations Andrew!!!!


Welcome to the Centurion ranks! I believe the Star Garrison has increased our Centurion numbers by nearly 50% this month!

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