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GeorgePBurdells ANH AM 2.0 Armor build

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Hey everyone!

I got my box while I was out of town, but finally had time to sit down and start putting it together.

This is my first build, so any tips or tricks would be really really really helpful...

I'm starting with the helmet just because it was the first part I grabbed out of the box...



UPDATE: This is a Hero build, not a Stunt build.

Update to the update: Found out I messed up and now am doing a Stunt build, not a Hero build.


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Enjoy it! Research build threads, PLENTY of build threads to choose from ;)


I would probably save the helmet for last though, it is probably the hardest part of the armor, besides the thighs! But, it can be done!

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As will I.  I had to take a break from my own AM 2.0 build.  Kind of stuck in a few areas, and have to post some pics.  Looking forward to following you!

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Fitting the ear pieces and aligning the holes.







Test fitting it all together



The left ear was a bit too small, so I heated it in the oven at 220F and reshaped it slightly to get it to fit. Unfortunately it's slightly off. Can't really tell at a distance though





I'll have to clean up my paint job a bit later. Also got the mic tips installed.










Glued the lid on and with that I got the exterior of the helmet done in a single day! I'm planning on painting the inside black and lining it with foam. The hard hat attachment isn't easy to work with.


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Are you going for hero or stunt? The reason I'm asking is because it looks like you went with the bubble lenses that came with the kit, which would be used for the hero builds.


Also, can we get a few more pictures of that ear problem? It may look fine from a distance, but it still needs to be lined up and assembled properly to look good up close. I can't tell exactly what's going on in the one picture you posted of it, but it looks like you might need to reshape it slightly to fit better at the bottom. More pictures will help figure that out...


Otherwise though, so far it is looking like you have a handle on things with trimming and lining things up!

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I chose to go with Hero. The bottom of the ear was previously too rounded and couldn't reach all of the holes, so I heated it up and flattened it out slightly. I'll probably have to reheat it today and reshape the bottom to get it lined up nicely. I'll share photos of it later.


Also, anyone have nay good suggestions for cleaning up bad paint jobs? I used Model Masters paint and it doesn't seem to come off easily with physical means and I know acetone will destroy the plastic and the paint so I'd rather not go that route.

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Here are some more pictures after a long night last night. I spilled my whole can of ABS glue so I'll be switching to E6000 from here on out.



Here's the left ear issue I had touched on before.



As you can see, the left ear isn't bent the right way, and kinda sticks out a bit on either end. Here's the right ear for comparison



So I took off the left ear and heated it in the oven for a bit to soften it, and while that was going on I addressed other issues, such as this gap in the right side of the helmet.



Looking at the inside of the helmet, you can see that the right side is not as nicely aligned as the left. This is due to the screw holes being slightly mis-aligned. I used the built in bumps as references while I cut them out (because I'm too cheap to invest in a drill) so be careful when you line yours up and don't go off the bumps.


(right vs left inside you can see the holes should have been located elsewhere to bring the front plate to the right position)



Tried my best to close it up with more glue (prior to spilling it all over the inside of a thigh piece)



While that was setting up, I worked on fixing my paint



(I'll keep cleaning it as I go along)


While it was taken apart I also took the opportunity to paint the insides black





After fidgeting with the left ear for what felt like hours (and actually was hours it turns out) I finally got it to fit and not stick out like a sore earpiece.



And tonight I will begin the adventure of painting both ears, using the centurion level paint scheme with 1 black bump on each ear.




Let me know if anything looks wrong or any suggestions! Can't wait to finish!

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That left ear is sticking out quite a bit, but as long as you can tuck that ear under the neck trim, you should be fine. it really is hard to tell even in pictures.


Excellent job with noticing that gap and fixing it. I was going to suggest that next, but you already got to it! :duim:

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Hey George,


Good work so far with ur bucket, it can be tricky!


Just a note, if your going for Hero, you may have cut out too many teeth - I believe hero helmets should have 6 holes (looks like you have 8)?

You may want to double check the CRL as im not 100% sure on this, but i believe 6 holes for Hero.


Here are some reference photos:




For paint removal and to clean up edges, use a toothpick dipped in some rubbing alcohol :)


I just finished my AM kit, so feel free to DM me if u have any questions!


Best of luck!

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Sorry for the lack of updates, wasn't feeling well.

I took a break from the helmet and started working on the shins. After studying the tutorials I think I got it figured out.


Lining up the halves of the shins and figuring which ones are which.



Trimming the fronts of the shins. According to the how-to I found, it's supposed to 14 mm from the ridge, so that's what I went with.



Cut the return edge



Started making strips for butt-joint method joining



And began gluing them on.


Now I'm just waiting for the glue to dry.


While I wait, does anyone have advice on the backs? I haven't seen much on how to properly do them...

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Made some awesome progress on the leg pieces. Got the front cover strips glued on all of the legs and did some finishing touches on the helmet.



Finishing up the helmet stuff!



Gluing in the mesh




Painting the ear bumps



Also worked on the thigh pieces.



Where I accidentally spilled a whole bottle of ABS glue.










Shortly after taking that last picture, I was trying to trim the right shin grieve bottom where it doesn't line up. The knife slipped and went into my other hand, even though I had been cutting away from myself and everything. I immediately applied first aid and proceeded to the emergency room. The doctor said I didn't need stitches and will be fine.

Just a reminder to always be safe. It's when we get most complacent that accidents happen.


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