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Another Ata helmet build

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One of the reasons i started this build thread is to encourage people to trim the eyes and the teeth out more. The ATA helmets are very thick with faint details, you have to trim more out for it to look right IMHO.    The cap has better details than before, The rear details look great.

Cheers, Nick

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Finished the ears, The left one was easy, but the right one took a while. I ruined one ear and had to start over.





I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the rear details have better definition than before ATA's has increased his game.

I won't paint this for a while, but I'll post pics when I do.





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Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.



looks great! 



Nice work!!! You are lucky the top rivet on the left side (when looking at the lid) didn't get in the way of your top ear screw

Thanks, guys, and your right  Gaz, I had to move the ear 1/8" back to clear the rivet. Plus I have to say, the ears are better than before, there's not so much rough material and it gives you more to work with.

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